RICKENBACKER 4001 (from 23/08/2017)

Posted 10th November, 2017

The original shape was the career-defining brainchild of Roger Rossmeisl, a luthier who had worked previously for Fender and Gibson before designing the Ricky 4000 bass that was released in 1957. The 4001 was introduced 4 years later in ’61 and featured twin truss rods, triangle inlays, two volume and two tone dials and a selector switch, features that are still being used on Rickenbacker's 4000 series to this day. Described as ‘the deluxe two pickup version of the Rickenbacker...

A Reso-phonic Resurrection (from 30/08/2017)

Posted 10th November, 2017

Glistening in the sun, it’s hard to miss the sheer beauty of a National Reso-phonic guitar. Like fish drawn to a shiny lure, these legendary instruments mesmerise many who pass our shop. Although we have a healthy stock of their guitars today, the brand was once almost forgotten. Luckily, one man injected a new lease of life into National, and they rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Don Young At The National Factory, San Luis Obispo, California.Don Young was the...


Posted 10th November, 2017

Back in February of this year (2017), we decided to start writing BLOGs again after a fairly long absence. It wasn’t just because it seemed like a cool thing to do (which of course, it is), but at the time we had a few things we needed to let you guys, our dear customers, be aware of. Perhaps the most important of these things, besides Big Marc going on tour to Berlin, and Sgt Pepper turning 50, was the plight...

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