We've Moved!!! Electric Guitars and Bass are now at 5 Denmark Street.

Posted 24th October, 2018

  There have been quite a few times in the last ten years, working here on Denmark Street in central London, when Sir John Betjeman’s poem ‘Slough’ comes to mind. Of course ‘Come friendly bombs and fall on St Giles Circus’ doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way as Betjeman’s moan at the modern world, but the feeling is often the same: Come, bombs, and blow to smithereensThose air-conditioned, bright canteens… You know, the ones that are going in left...

'Verb is the Word (from 13/9/2017)

Posted 6th December, 2017

The History of ReverberationImagine being able to imitate the ambience of a neo-gothic cathedral from your bedsit in Croydon, or to mimic the reflections of Abbey Road's recording studio from your garage in Glasgow. With a combination of today’s technology of digital effects and analog circuitry, all this is possible. And in fact, this is just a small fraction of the vast capabilities available. As the threshold for creativity is constantly pushed outwards by the thirst for advancement, we take...

What's it REALLY like to work in a Denmark Street Guitar Shop?

Posted 23rd November, 2017

Denmark Street, London. It’s the Disney Land of the guitar world, just with no roller coasters. It’s a hub for people from all over the world looking for their dream guitar, an amazing bargain, a beautiful or rare old guitar, or just to hang out in a unique place where they know they will be surrounded by like-minded people. Wouldn’t it be cool to work there… what would that be like?There’s no doubt that working on Denmark Street, specifically at...

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