'Verb is the Word (from 13/9/2017)

Posted 6th December, 2017

The History of ReverberationImagine being able to imitate the ambience of a neo-gothic cathedral from your bedsit in Croydon, or to mimic the reflections of Abbey Road's recording studio from your garage in Glasgow. With a combination of today’s technology of digital effects and analog circuitry, all this is possible. And in fact, this is just a small fraction of the vast capabilities available. As the threshold for creativity is constantly pushed outwards by the thirst for advancement, we take...

What's it REALLY like to work in a Denmark Street Guitar Shop?

Posted 23rd November, 2017

Denmark Street, London. It’s the Disney Land of the guitar world, just with no roller coasters. It’s a hub for people from all over the world looking for their dream guitar, an amazing bargain, a beautiful or rare old guitar, or just to hang out in a unique place where they know they will be surrounded by like-minded people. Wouldn’t it be cool to work there… what would that be like?There’s no doubt that working on Denmark Street, specifically at...

RICKENBACKER 4001 (from 23/08/2017)

Posted 10th November, 2017

The original shape was the career-defining brainchild of Roger Rossmeisl, a luthier who had worked previously for Fender and Gibson before designing the Ricky 4000 bass that was released in 1957. The 4001 was introduced 4 years later in ’61 and featured twin truss rods, triangle inlays, two volume and two tone dials and a selector switch, features that are still being used on Rickenbacker's 4000 series to this day. Described as ‘the deluxe two pickup version of the Rickenbacker...

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