We've Moved!!! Electric Guitars and Bass are now at 5 Denmark Street.

Posted 24th October, 2018


There have been quite a few times in the last ten years, working here on Denmark Street in central London, when Sir John Betjeman’s poem ‘Slough’ comes to mind. Of course ‘Come friendly bombs and fall on St Giles Circus’ doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way as Betjeman’s moan at the modern world, but the feeling is often the same:

Come, bombs, and blow to smithereens
Those air-conditioned, bright canteens…

You know, the ones that are going in left right and centre, replacing some of our dear old haunts such as the Astoria, the 12 Bar Club and that crappy old pool bar underneath Centre Point (scene of Wunjo’s Christmas party 2007) and many others. It isn’t St Giles Circus’ fault, but it’s made things quite challenging for the Denmark Street guitar shops over the last decade or so.

Until around the end of September of this year (2018), in the shadows of a huge new scaffolding construction, things were looking especially difficult for us. Continuing building work on Denmark Street meant we were politely served notice on the premises housing our electric guitar and bass shops at Number 23. Despite their best efforts, our landlords were unable to find us any on-street replacement for the shop floor space we were set to lose. Then at the 11th hour, fate stepped in to save the day!

An energy drinks company who had been using one of the retail spaces on the street for a few years as an events venue, were spotted moving out one day about four weeks ago. A few phone calls were made, and out of nowhere we were presented the opportunity to take over the shop at 5 Denmark Street. With the famous Roka’s Guitar Shop being the previous occupier to the energy drinks people, we hoped it would give us a really good bit of floor space to house our electrics and basses. With the keys in hand, this time last week we began the epic, laborious and exhausting task of moving across the road.

It was a mammoth task. We must have moved well over 500 musical instruments and amplifiers, hundreds of effects pedals, not to mention a large amount of rock ‘n’ roll egos: it was heavy-duty work! After three full days of hard graft, sweating, wall-to-wall builders bums, quite a lot of profanity and copious amounts of coffee (during the day) and beer (end of each day), we finally, just about, got ourselves in to our brand new home, and opened on Friday, October 19th, 2018.

And it is amazing!

We have taken a few pictures for you to get an idea of what the new place is like. The energy drinks company left a few fittings that we thought were quite cool, so we mixed those in with our own ideas and colour scheme and we think the end result is very nice indeed. The most striking difference is the increased amount of floor space – it is vast compared to the old abode! This means there’s loads more room for customers to try out guitars amps and effects at full volume, and loads more room for us to fit in loads more really cool gear. We’ve already introduced the amazing Benson Amps to our list of exclusive brands, with more on the way including Fano Guitars which are arriving here in the next few weeks.

We hope you might get a moment to come down and hang out in our new digs. Even if you’re struggling to pay for the loft conversion, you know how we are here at Wunjos: come down and try out some awesome guitars, even if you’re not buying at the moment.


We look forward to seeing you, beaming with pride as we welcome you in the door and gushing about how cool our new shop is. Hopefully, once you’ve paid us a visit, you’ll be doing the same.

We’re at 5 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LU
Phone 0207 379 5695 or email sales@wunjoguitars.com

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