The staff at Wunjo Guitars, Bass and Keys.

Brian - Head Honcho

This is the man we must all thank for giving the world Wunjo Guitars. Brian has flirted with professional careers in football and music before he did a Jack Kerouac and went off to find himself America. He came back (presumably with himself) and went to Luthier's college before becoming a repair man at what used to be Andy's. In 2002, Wunjo Guitars was born in the cosy St Giles Street shop just round the corner from Denmark Street where we now happily reside. He likes the old stuff that hardly anyone has heard of, and has lately developed a penchant for old things that no-one can afford. Here's Brian on a 'Business Trip', as is befitting of a guitar shop owner, playing Golf with George Lowden (middle) and friends.

Howard - The Man Who Never Sleeps

The first rule about Howard is, you do not talk about Howard... unless you're the web editor for his employer, then and only then are you allowed to talk about Howard. He's a busy guy you see, and therefore he doesn't sleep much, if at all. We recruited Howard after he'd done a lengthy spell with one of our esteemed competitors, and with us he continues to attract droves of satisfied punters through the door with his swash-buckling sales technique - imagine Virgil Tracy gave up International Rescue and decided to take up drinking and selling guitars, and you're somewhere close. And if he's not with us doing his thing on the shop floor, then he's probably in a recording studio, or in a pub, or at a party, or something, anything, but not sleeping.

Tom - What I like to do...

Tom is one of our most experienced members of staff, having joined the Wunjo family with more than his fair share of guitar shop (and Denmark Street) experience under his belt. You will now be finding him mostly managing in the bass shop, since he was the only one mad enough (and with a modicum of ability as a bass player amongst all us guitarists) to take on the job. (By managing, I mean he's the manager, not that he's managing ok). If you're lucky, you may also meet Tom's alter ego, Mr Minkley, a sort of mixture between Alan Sugar and Basil Fawlty, who patrols the aisles of our shops with authority and efficiency. Tom is in about 15 bands, many of which have strange genre descriptions such as Trip-Folk-abilly-Swamp-Jazz and Psyche-Swamp-Country-Funk and Indie-Funk-Blues-Rock-Swampadelic, which all sounds pretty cool. Perhaps it's because he's a Neil Young fan, he just wants to try everything.

Gus (GuCo) - Cool Cool.

Cool cool, no troubles. If you hear these oft uttered words within the walls of Wunjo Keys, then you know you've probably just scored a nice deal off Gus, the man who has (almost) single handedly put Wunjo Keys on the map. Gus has a number of catch phrases, and these are just two of them. Others include 'have you got a pen?', 'I'm thinking of growing my tache back', and 'Harley, don't argue with me!'. He has an interesting taste in music, ranging from Toto to Big Mountain (Ooh Baby I Love Your Way... if I had a pound for every time...) and the odd bit of Indie. Gus is a talented piano player, and often blessed our ears with a rendition of his favourite piano tune, Bohemian Rhapsody. Other than that, Gus can always be called on for all your keyboard needs, and is here five days a week looking after his baby (the keyboard shop, not an actual baby).

Laurence - Midnight Runner

Laurence joined the Wunjo fold in September '10, and has instantly made a big impression on all of us here with his extensive knowledge of 80s band Dexy's Midnight Runners. Ask him anything about Dexy's Midnight Runners, he'll be able to tell you. Also, ask him to do his B.B.King impression, it's quite scary! Maybe you could then ask Laurence about one of our fine guitars, or more specifically, bass guitars, and he's always very happy to tell you everything you need to know, although with his West-Midlands accent, it does take a little while longer than yow-sual... Laurence, when not appearing as a salesperson at Wunjo Guitars, on the pages of the latest fashion publications, and with his band, (formerly known as) Daytona Lights who were once on the Telly in a well known daily soap. Girls, please don't scream too much.

Marc (just Marc!)

Marc Hayward has been with us for, erm, how long Marc? ... "too long!"

Marc has been juggling guitar sales with the life of a rock legend. Marc's band The Dash are the only thing stopping him from becoming an actual part of the furniture here at Wunjo, and his four days a week (or is it eight?) mean he's a familiar face to many of our regular customers. Marc's favourite tune ever is Black Box's 'Right on Time', although you can't hear it as a definite musical influence in his music. Guitar shop? Bass shop?: Marc swings both ways, and after five years of service to the Woonj has probably forgotten more about, well, generally everything, than you'll ever know. Never one to turn down a cuppa, Marc is head of Tea here at Wunjo, as well as being the Mayor of box city (don't ask). Pictured here with a lovely Rickenbacker 360 in FireGlo.

Tom - Mr Mc Lucky!

At one time here at Wunjo Guitars, Tom was the 7th (seventh) Tom under our three roofs. He has been known as Tom 7 ever since, even though we're back down to a much more sensible and manageable three Toms now. Since joining the gang in 2013 as a member of the Keys team, Tom has dazzled us with the fruits of his music college studies, where he is currently on a course learning how to invent new jazz chords. In his spare time, Tom enjoys thinking of excellent play-on-words band names, and then forming them into real bands. Currently he is 'head of keys' in the funky hip-hop disco pop sextet "Black Forest Ghetto' who's EP Natural Gaming Talent is widely available online. Considering our boss is a Scotsman, I guess it was a no-brainer to hire a guy who's surname is McLuckie. If you're lucky, he'll tell you all about our keyboards next time you're down.

Seb - The Swedish One

Don't panic, the Vikings have not invaded again, it's just Seb, our resident Scandinavian, showing off his magnificent Scandinavian goatee beard and flowing Scandinavian locks, whilst having a nice intimate moment with a Fender Bass VI. As you may have deduced, Seb is from Scandinavia: Sweden to be exact. I sometimes mistakenly call him Sven, because everyone is Sweden is called Sven, except Seb. I don't think he minds too much. He makes himself content by sucking on an Argentinian Mate Tea from a small pot from middle earth whilst wrapped in various different types of ethnic fabrics. Seb isn't really a hippy... well, maybe he is, but he's a very friendly one with a laugh and a joke for everyone, and can be found merrily selling guitars in our two shops.

Brandy - Like the Drink

Brandy Row wins several awards amongst the staff of Wunjo Guitars. Most tattooed member of staff, sharpest dressed member of staff, most pleasantly scented member of staff, and a special award for excellent homemade vegan lunches, the like of which we haven't seen since the great days of Doom. He could probably win guitar salesman of the year too! Brandy is a musician through and through. He got the style, he got the motion: but luckily his style and motion is more angled towards folk and punk, rather than 80s Dad-rock. I used to be in his band myself, and a jolly good laugh it was too. Brandy has effortlessly made the conversion from out-and-out rock star to friendly guitar salesman with a simple doff of one, or all,  of his many fashionable caps, and we are delighted to have him amongst us, sharing the good vibes.

Bob - The Midas Dutch

First they sent us tulips, then came pancakes and chocolate sprinkles. Now, finally, we have the Dutch import we've all been waiting for. Bob. Opening up a whole new world of fashion possibilities with his daring and continental juxtaposing of braces, pressed shirts, cowboy boots and blonde boy-band curls, Bob has bought an air of style and sophistication to Wunjo Guitars where the vested trucker look has started to become the norm. Even Tom Williams was wearing a baseball cap the other day! Not a handle bar moustache in sight with Bob, even though he hails from the land where porn moustaches are visible on every street corner, although we have had to enlarge the doorways somewhat since Bob is typically and quintessentially Dutch in that he is knocking on the door of seven feet tall. Well, maybe not that tall, but getting there. Bob, as you might expect, is also a very friendly guy, and can be found cruising the guitar shop floor ready to help you buy the guitar of your dreams. 

Jerome - Apple Pie Historian

Who needs online encyclopedias when you've got Jerome around? If you ever need to know anything about keyboards, synths, organs, pro-audio equipment, or the history of apple pie, then Jerome is your man. If he went on Mastermind, his chosen specialised subject would be, the history of apple pie. No doubt, if he had a band, he'd call it, The History of Ap... oh, hang on, he did have a band called The History of Apple Pie. Well, that makes sense then. Jerome is Wunjo through and through, in that he has been through Wunjo at least once a week since it was inaugurated, and now he works here, in the keyboard shop. Talented boy is our Jerome, and that band I mentioned, The History of you-know-what, did some pretty impressive things in its day, record deal, tours, jamming with Graham Coxon. Etc. Jerome does indeed have a fantastic knowledge of music and the instruments we all love to play it with, so if ever you want a keyboard, you know where to come. If you want apple pie... try Tescos.

Joe - The Senior Junior

He's back! Again! Joe Harvey-Whyte (he has his own cockney rhyming slang!) is, apart from Brian of course, the longest serving member of the team who started at Wunjo as a work experience boy back in the swirling mists of time and just kinda carried on. He still works on weekends (he's the captain on Sundays!) as well as some other days of the week, despite being on the verge of superstardom as the best pedal steel player this side of Forest Gate. Joe is NOT an Essex lad. It's official. Huge debates have raged as to whether the London Borough of Newham is technically Essex, and I can confirm it is. However, Joe has now moved to North London to attempt to prove that there is actually another way. We snapped him on a day when he was wearing his best shirt, and having a little strum on that nice Harmony Stratotone Mars we got in from the States.

Lones - Smurks Works

Lones likes the Mini MOOG Model D. He has been standing next to it for quite some time now, pretending not to notice it is there, his face is a curious mixture of 'Please buy this for me' and 'You're not going to buy this for yourself now, are you?'. Should you feel the urge to commit the world's biggest random act of kindness and buy this vintage synth for our dear Lones, he would no doubt repay you with a display of his musical talents that have already been seen and enjoyed by the likes of Sister Sledge. I know! Sister Sledge!! Lones is in fact a multi-talented young musician, playing guitar, keyboards and also dabbling in production. There's no doubt about his biggest and most coveted talent of all though, that being selling keyboards organs and synths in Wunjo Keys, something which he does on several days per week with heartiness and jollity. Don't expect him to try and sell you the Mini MOOG Model D though, I think he's got designs on it. Yep. He's still standing next to it. 

Anna - Half human, half internet

Many of you will be thinking, who is this?? I've never seen this Anna person before in Wunjo Guitars. Well, that's as maybe, but Anna has joined the Wunjo Guitars in the sky that you are currently enjoying a good read on, that being, the Wunjo Website team. Of course, if you've ever emailed Wunjo Guitars, there's a strong chance you'll have had some delightful correspondence with Anna, or maybe you were unlucky and got a reply from boring old Jimmy-James. While Anna is not giving our website and facebook a well needed graphic design make-over, she plays in a couple of pretty cool bands as a bass player, one of which is The Hallelujah Trails who can often be seen playing the bars and clubs on London's country music circuit. Don't talk to her about country music though: three hour drives to gigs with Hank Wangford provides more than enough of that.


Jimmy James and the Vagabonds were big in the sixties and their name, thankfully, will not be forgotten thanks to Jimmy aka Jimmy-James, so that's a relief. Jimmy has been in the Wunjo fold for over nine years having been rescued off the streets from a life of post-graduate office-based misery. Jimmy is our web monkey and, along with Anna, the Robin to his Batman, looks after and edits the Wunjo website and online shop, and is at this very time of writing, writing about himself in the staff section. In his spare time, when not thinking up witticisms for and cultivating a healthy screen tan, Jimmy does actually have some time to play in a band, a chilled out lounge soul band called Kaleidoscopic. If not that, then he'll probably be on his bike, cycling up a mountain or something.