History is something we're well invested in here at Wunjo. We love old stuff, especially if it has strings and frets, or even a bit of old smokey tolex covering. We've been dealing in history for nearly twenty years. Here's a brief history of Wunjo Guitars:

  • Circa 2001. Brian, having been working for Andy's, makes a break for glory and founds Wunjo Guitars at 55 St Giles High Street
  • Circa 2004. Wunjo makes the big move to Denmark Street, number 20, the spiritual home, incorporating Tom's Drums and the Gary O'Toole School of Music.
  • Circa 2009. Wunjo opens a second shop. Starting off as a 'Folk' shop, it very quickly got taken over by bass guitars.
  • Circa 2012. Wunjo opens a THIRD shop, what we now all know and love as Wunjo Keys.
  • 2016. Wunjo has to temporarily move out of the spiritual home at number 20 into two separate premises at 126 Charing Cross Road and 23 Denmark Street. One word: Crossrail.
  • 2017. Wunjo launches a brand new Website.
  • 2018....

We look forward to you becoming part of our history. Please do drop by and see us for a strum and a chat.

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