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Amps & FX

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A milestone in the history of Wunjo Guitars, you can now buy pedals from us ONLINE! Whether you want to make your guitar sound like an aeroplane or a bald eagle, Wunjo has probably got something in the effects cabinet to make it happen! We have dealerships with Electro-Harmonix, MOOER, TC Electronic and Digitech, and some of the world's best boutique analogue pedals from ZVEX, Dr Scientist, Death by Audio and more. Most of our pedal cabinet is now available to buy online at very nice prices. Some even come with free extras!

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A small but wonderful range of key based instruments.

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Who says amps need to be heavy to get the job done? Who says they need to be loud? Buy a mini-amp and keep the osteopath, the bank manager, the neighbours as well as the wolf from the door.