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Wunjo Guitars on Denmark Street London, aka a treasure trove for some of the world's best Vintage guitars. We love them, and we see an awful of lot of them. So if you're after something, let us know and it's highly likely we'll be able to sort you out. Check out the current roster of oldies in stock at the shop now.

Used ‣ (24)

This is what we're best known for, some of the best used guitars and amps at unbelievable prices, week in week out. Wunjo is the place to pick up a really great bargain, and the best thing is that all our used guitars are covered by a guarantee of two-years including unlimited free set-ups. Read on...


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A milestone in the history of Wunjo Guitars, you can now buy pedals from us ONLINE! Whether you want to make your guitar sound like an aeroplane or a bald eagle, Wunjo has probably got something in the effects cabinet to make it happen! We have dealerships with Electro-Harmonix, MOOER, TC Electronic and Digitech, and some of the world's best boutique analogue pedals from ZVEX, Dr Scientist, Death by Audio and more. Most of our pedal cabinet is now available to buy online at very nice prices. Some even come with free extras!

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars ‣ (224)

If you can think of a brand of electric guitar that we don't stock at Wunjo Guitars, either new or second hand, then you're probably reading too much New Scientist. Wunjo aims to be the best in the land on price, so have a look through our treasure chest and get in touch if there's something you simply must have.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars ‣ (222)

For those of you brave enough to venture far enough into the Alladins Cave that is Wunjo Guitars, you will have the pleasure of discovering our acoustic guitar room full of the finest flat-tops from vintage Gibsons to brand spanking to Martins, to more affordable budget brands, new and seond hand.

Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars ‣ (142)

We've always had to squeeze our basses into a small section on the left of the shop, greatly overshadowed under the canopy of our forest of six string guitars. Things are about to change however, and the bass section is not only about to be expanded, it's getting it's very own shop! We're having what a politician might term a 're-shuffle' here at Wunjo, and soon we will be welcoming you to our newest shop space, the Bass Centre, (the shop formerly know as Wunjo 2).

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A small but wonderful range of key based instruments.

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Anything but Keys

Leads ‣ (11)

Digital Samplers ‣ (11)

Vivre la Revolution!!! Check out how we're getting involved with that modern thingummyjig otherwise known as the Digital Sampler. We've got loads online and in store.

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Lapsteels ‣ (7)

We've had a browse around, and we've decided that we have the finest and biggest selection of Lapsteels, not just on Denmark Street. not just in London, not even in the country, but in the whole wide world. We do indeed scour the four corners of the earth for these wonderful instruments, so we hope you enjoy having a look through what we have, and hearing from you when Santo and Johnny (or whoever) have inspired you into buying one.

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Mini-Amps ‣ (2)

Who says amps need to be heavy to get the job done? Who says they need to be loud? Buy a mini-amp and keep the osteopath, the bank manager, the neighbours as well as the wolf from the door.

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Fender ‣ (196)

Wunjo Guitars is an authorised dealer of all things Fender, that being guitars, basses, amps, accessories and even a bit of merchandise from time to time. We do the best prices. No, really, we do the BEST prices!


Gretsch ‣ (65)


Takamine ‣ (47)


Guild ‣ (45)

Electro Harmonix ‣ (37)

Made in New York and built to withstand the heftiest boot, Electro Harmonix pedals offer analogue retro tones to all-out futuristic headswims. We are the best price in town and as an authoried dealer, we can order whatever pedal you need, anytime.

Ibanez ‣ (29)

MOOER ‣ (29)

Good things come in small packages. The Mooer brand has really arrived on the effects pedals scene with it's range of compact pedals. Well, they've certainly arrived at Wunjo Guitars anyway, and in great numbers. Even better, they are now in our ONLINE ONLY JANUARY SALE. Grab yourself a matchbox-sized bargain before they all run out!

Z.VEX Effects ‣ (29)

The ever-so legendary Mr Zachary Vex has made an immense name for himself in the guitar effects pedal world by producing some of the most stunning sounding stomp boxes money can buy. Not only do they sound great, they also look great, with the factory still producing hand painted units along side the slightly more affordable silk-screen printed ones. They're all the same on the inside though, so be careful not to judge a 'Vex by it's cover.

Squier ‣ (27)

Larrivee ‣ (21)

Note to customers and Larrivee fans: We are currently out of stock of these fine guitars, but we'll soon being getting the full range of 2 and 3 series acoustics now the distribution has been sorted. Watch this space, and read about a few examples of what we've had in the past below. Please do phone or email with your questions.

Eastwood ‣ (21)

Eastwood have managed to corner a section of the guitar and bass market that you'd think some of the big manufacturers would have got hold of. They do remakes, choosing some of the best and most iconic guitars that came out of America (and elsewhere) during that ever popular decade of the sixties. Back at Wunjo in a big way after a few years away, we have the full range available, so even if you don't see the one you want on these pages, contact us and we'll get it for you.

Korg ‣ (19)

Korg are very proud to be announcing that they've been with us for 50 years now. 50 years of producing some great technical innovations in musical instruments, that's pretty good going, and now Korg are turning out some very nice keyboards and synthesizers which we have on sale here at WUnjo Keys.

Vox ‣ (17)

Lowden ‣ (16)

Lowden guitars are arguably the finest handmade acoustic guitars in the world, and since around 1976, their uniqueness and excellence have built up a following of loyal players, including Richard Thompson, Eric Clapton and Mike Oldfield to name but a few. Wunjo guitars is proud to be the UKs exclusive authorised dealer of these fine guitars, available in store now.

Warwick ‣ (16)

Danelectro ‣ (15)

Deering ‣ (15)

Makers of the world's finest banjos, Wunjo Guitars is now an official authorised dealer of Deering.

National ‣ (14)

Of National Resophonic Guitars, Wunjo Guitars is very proud to annouce (yet another) brand new authorised dealership. We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring you the finest wares from Don Young's factory in Obispo CA. and we will be bringing more and more models over as time passes, always at the very best prices. Keep a look out for what's coming in, and try not to get too over excited, it's bad enough with us lot!

T.C Electronic ‣ (14)

Red Witch

Red Witch ‣ (14)

Hailing from one of the many sunny corners of Hobbit Land (aka New Zealand), the Red Witch Pedal company is the brain child of Ben Fulton, Master Soldering-Ironsman. Every pedal Red Witch make has at least one unique feature on it that you won't find on anything else on the market. Unlike some boutique brands, Red Witch are not a threat to your annual holiday fund, but if you're looking for something 'a little bit special', then look no further.

Ernie Ball ‣ (13)

MOOG ‣ (13)

MOOG have been on the organ and synth scene for many years now and have become a household name amongst those types who like their musical instruments to make things that transcend music... a racket of weird noises in other words. We have an extensive and ever expanding range of MOOG products in Wunjo Keys, have a look at what's coming in.

Rickenbacker ‣ (12)

Hagstrom ‣ (12)

Sweden have sent us many wonderful things from Meatballs to Volvo's, from ABBA to Ikea. But perhaps one of the nicest things they've blessed us with is the Hagstrom Guitar. The Hagstrom name now lives on with the full range of electrics, basses and acoustics available from new at Wunjo Guitars, as well as whatever vintage bits we can find. Here's a selection to get you started, but do contact us if you can't find what you're looking for on these pages.

Maton ‣ (11)

If you say this in an Australian accent: "From a small backyard workshop started in 1946 Maton Guitars has grown into a truly great Australian success story", you might sound like a bit of a drongo. If you play a Maton guitar, you'll sound like a little ripper mate! Wunjo's is a proud dealer of the wonderful Maton Brand. Scroll down to sample their handmade delights.

Roland ‣ (11)

Stage pianos, synths, keyboards, Roland has always been a big hitter in the keys game, and here at Wunjo Keys, we're always looking out for the best deals on the second hand market.

Death By Audio ‣ (11)

Pedals that will mortify your ears.

Hofner ‣ (10)

Mark Bass ‣ (9)

Boss ‣ (9)

Boss, or should we say, Roland, virtually invented the stomp box. Ok, so there were many many pedal names that came in the years before their introduction in the late 70s, but Boss pedals quickly became iconic and ubiquitous, simple, compact and bullet proof designs that have passed the test of time and look the same nowadays as they did back in the early days of the first DS-1s and OD-1s. You can stamp on them, and they still work. That's the main USP, anyway. Here at Wunjos, we now have the entire current range of Boss pedals for sale, new. They're taking over the pedal cabinet!

Darkglass ‣ (9)

High end boutique effects pedals designed in Helsinki, Finland, made by hand in Seattle, USA.

JHS Pedals ‣ (9)

Ace boutique effects pedals from the USA.


Gibson ‣ (8)

Yamaha ‣ (8)

Novation ‣ (8)

In Novation, there's a hidden message. Outstanding in the field of 'things with keys that make crazy noises', Novation have been providing the synth world with some cutting edge stuff over the time they've been around. Not only things with keys either, things with pads to tap on and make great grooves, things with knobs and sliders, even software, Novation have the answer you're looking for.

Lateral Sound ‣ (8)

UK, Handmade, ace effects pedals.

Nemphasis ‣ (7)

Hand-built Italian pedals. Tom Williams is an endorsee.

EBS ‣ (7)

'Professional Bass Equipment', amps, effects and loads more... even some for guitars!

Vintage ‣ (6)

Laka ‣ (6)

Ukulele's made with panache

Sans Amp ‣ (6)

French for 'without amp', Sans Amp are legends of the Bass DI box. Now on sale at Wunjo Bass Centre!

Nord ‣ (6)

Nord Keyboards are the business. No-one (apart form Jack White's keyboard player) can afford to buy a hammond, a wurlizer, a rhodes and a piano, let alone take them all away to a gig. Most people can do a Nord though, and a Nord will do all of the above to an obscenely high standard. Stage Pianos of exceptional quality, Nord have a large representation in Wunjo Keys.

Waldorf ‣ (6)

Quite simply, the best Synthesizers in the whole world.

Dave Smith Instruments ‣ (6)

Why is it always a bloke called Dave? Dave Smith, in this case, is the founder of Dave Smith Instruments, and, in the mid-70s, Sequential Circuits. Dave Smith has invented loads of cool stuff in his time, including the term MIDI, and now we have his amazing machines on sale new in Wunjo Keys. This, as you can imagine, has caused great excitement. Come and have a look!

Dr. No ‣ (6)

Big fuzzes built in the Nederlants

CKK Electronic ‣ (6)

Very nicely priced effects pedals.

Digitech ‣ (5)

Top class effects pedals.

Perri's ‣ (5)

Most bodacious guitar straps.

Dr. Scientist

Dr. Scientist ‣ (5)

The Canadians are pretty good at Ice Hockey and have a brilliant police force that ride horses around everywhere. But did you know they also have one of the world's best boutique pedal makers? Well, read all about it, because the Doc is about to prescribe you with some sonic medicine. Our Dr Scientist range is currently available in store only. Please phone or email for more information.

Snail ‣ (5)


Alhambra ‣ (5)

Classicals and that

Supro ‣ (4)

Crafter ‣ (4)

Ovation ‣ (4)

Airline ‣ (4)

Jim Dunlop ‣ (4)

Kala ‣ (4)

Ukulele's of a higher class

Sans Amp ‣ (4)

Kyser (polish) ‣ (4)

Kinsman ‣ (4)

Focusrite ‣ (4)

Sounding like one of SpecSaver's main competitors, Focusrite are certainly not short sighted in their approach to making quality audio gear. Some of the best USB interfaces in the market mean that your musical instruments and your computer will get along juuuuuust fine.

Arturia ‣ (4)

Founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999, ARTURIA specializes in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musician.

Sub Decay ‣ (4)

USA made boutique effects pedals.

RØDE ‣ (4)

RØDE have been around in the microphone market for many many years, and continue to produce high quality studio and stage mics that we can all afford. We have the entire range available to us at Wunjo Keys, so if you don't see it here on the website, please do phone or email for more info.

i-Rig ‣ (4)

The i-Rig is new technology, as new as the iPhone, and just as smart in the sense that you can literally plug your guitar into your iPhone and it will make it sound like, well, a real guitar. iRig have now started introducing lots of new products to embellish their range, so keep a look out for more stuff being added on these pages as time goes on. Most of it will be available to buy here online.

Eventide ‣ (4)

Space-aged effects pedals by the company that also make navigation equipment for aeroplanes.

A.I.B. ‣ (4)

french fuzzes.

Blackout Effectors ‣ (4)

Beefy pedals from the states


Amazing Analog Synths and effects hand made in Sweden

Blueridge ‣ (3)

Burns-Baldwin ‣ (3)

Goldtone ‣ (3)

Beautiful blues/folk/bluegrass instruments.

Maxon ‣ (3)

Aguilar ‣ (3)

New York City's finest makers of amps conceived especially for bass players.

Akai ‣ (3)

Synths, Samplers, sequencers and all things Keys-related.

Regal ‣ (2)

Countryman ‣ (2)

Folk Instruments

Cigano ‣ (2)

Top Quality Gypsy Jazz acoustic guitars

Godin ‣ (2)

Godin Guitars from Canada

Admira ‣ (2)

Admira Classical Guitars

Blue Moon ‣ (2)


M-Audio ‣ (2)

M-Audio are here to help if you want to make music in your house without using what your parents might term 'real' musical instruments. Providing a roster of all things electro from audio interfaces to synths, Wunjo Keys has in stock a good mix from the whole range.

Studiologic ‣ (2)

Wonderful Keyboards, Organs, Synths and midi-controllers with the finest key beds in the land.

Tabacco Leads ‣ (2)

Professional Quality Instrument Cable

Oberheim ‣ (2)

Hilton Electronics ‣ (2)

Can you ever find a decent Volume Pedal? You've just found the best in the world. We've tracked down Mr Hilton, asked him nicely to send us some pedals, and he has happily obliged.

Rodrigo ‣ (2)


Dreadbox ‣ (2)

Sinvertek ‣ (2)

USA Boutique Effects Pedals

YPAN ‣ (2)

Vintage electric guitars like you've never seen, all the way from Russia!


Martin ‣ (1)

Welcome to the Martin section. Not so much in the way of the latest models nowadays, Wunjos being Wunjos, we prefer all the old stuff, everything from a bog standard (ha!) 70s D-28, to a 19th century parlour style. Come and have a look through the treasure trove...

Brandoni ‣ (1)

Framus ‣ (1)

Harmony ‣ (1)

Kay ‣ (1)

Ampeg ‣ (1)

Levin ‣ (1)

Jedson ‣ (1)

Granados ‣ (1)

Mahalo ‣ (1)


Kirlin ‣ (1)

Guitar cables

Hotline ‣ (1)

Guitar cables

Kyser ‣ (1)

Schubb ‣ (1)

Oahu ‣ (1)

Around from 1926 until 1985, the Oahu Publishing Company and Honolulu Conservatory based in Cleveland Ohio produced some quite fabulous musical instruments made by the Oscar Schmidt company to complement its succesful sheet music and music tuition trade in the 30s on.

Shergold ‣ (1)

Uk guitar maker, big in the 80s.

Gitane ‣ (1)

Gitane Gypsy Jazz Guitars

D'Angelico ‣ (1)


Pilgrim Banjos ‣ (1)

Pilgrim's Quality Banjos

Washburn ‣ (1)

Wunjo Guitars is now pleased to have in regular stock the latest guitars from Washburn. A fabulous range of acoustic guitars at prices that will suit all levels of players from the bottom up. If you want to see the full range of Washburn guitars available at Wunjo Guitars, please do visit the Washburn website at whilst we upload more of what we've got in the shop onto the website.

Duesenberg ‣ (1)

Collings ‣ (1)

One of the finest makers of acoustic instruments in the USA.

Bacon & Day ‣ (1)

Classic Banjos

Ashbury ‣ (1)

Great Value Banjos

Kramer ‣ (1)

Classic 70s instruments with distinctive steel re-enforced necks.

Eagle Mountain ‣ (1)

Excvellent quality Guitar straps

MXR ‣ (1)

Excellent effects pedals, more than a match for the Boss lot!

Guitar Tech (Tool Kit) ‣ (1)

A tool kit to fix just about any problem you might suffer with your geet'aa

Keith McMillen ‣ (1)

Keith McMillen has been an innovator in audio and music technology for nearly 30 years. He has been working his entire adult life on one single problem - how to play live interactive music in an ensemble using extended instruments moderated by computer intelligence... Has he succeeded? You decide!

KRK ‣ (1)

Excellent value studio monitor speakers of various sizes.

Hine ‣ (1)

Lusitania ‣ (1)

Premium grade, hand-made Ukuleles cut direct from Portuguese trees.

David Porthouse Lapsteels ‣ (1)

Fine Lapsteel guitars made by hand in the UK.

Keech ‣ (1)

Jackson ‣ (1)

Killer Guitars.

Malekko ‣ (1)

Status ‣ (1)

NS Design ‣ (1)

G+L ‣ (1)

Overwater ‣ (1)

Bass guitars.

Modulus ‣ (1)

Bass Guitars with a hint of Chili Pepper

Clifton ‣ (1)

Bass guitars handmade in the UK

Gallien Kruger ‣ (1)

Seymour Duncan ‣ (1)

WEM ‣ (1)

Phil Jones Bass ‣ (1)

Amazing boutique bass amps from Wales

Hartke ‣ (1)

Bass Amps. The ones Lemmy liked.

Teye ‣ (1)

John Alvey Turner ‣ (1)

Classic British Banjos.

Cruscianelli ‣ (1)

Classic Italian-made electric hollow-body guitars.

C. Pinaldi ‣ (1)

Classic Italian Mandolins

Dr. Acid ‣ (1)

Sire ‣ (1)

Jolana ‣ (1)