Staff Pick of the Week

This week it's Jack from Wunjo internet showing us what 'Gretsch him going!':

"I was told, when I first started working at Wunjo back in April (2017), that I will almost certainly purchase a guitar within the first year of being here... well I think the prophesy may be coming true now I've clapped eyes on this thing!

I've always loved the Gretsch electromatics. They're really good value guitars, they sound great and they've got that classic styling that goes back to the 50s and sixties when Gretsch were in their pomp. But every now and then they raise the bar a little higher.

This is a really beautiful Gretcsh G5435TG Limited Edition Electromatic Pro Jet with Bigsby and Gold Hardware. All of this is nice enough, but they've finished it in Candy Apple Red, which just makes it irresistable.

I don't know if Gretsch are going to send us many like this, but I'm having a word with the man at the bank now to get mine in the bag!"

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