Fender 2017 Limited Edition American Pro Pine Telecaster

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Fender 2017 Limited Edition American Pro Pine Telecaster

£1810.00 Delivery Next Day if ordered before 3pm

We all know that Leo Fender started off repairing radios for a living, but did you know that his workbench was made out of a great big slab of pine with holes in it? Whether or not this was true, the first prototypes of the legendary Fender Telecaster were made out of bits of knotty old pine planks, and whilst Fender would prefer to market this as 'Exotic Wood', there's something quite primeval and rugged about the piece of wood this Telecaster has been made from. Bearing in mind, each of these 2017 Limited Edition American Pro Pine Telecasters is totally unique, and that we will only be receiving this very one you see pictured, there is a degree of exoticism about this guitar. Factor in also the two pickups that have been used, a 64 Gray-bottom single coil at the bridge and a stunning Lollar Charlie Christian at the neck, and the word exotic rings every more true. However there's no getting away from it: you can see right through the knots! What other guitar would that work on? This is what we love at Wunjo, and we thank Fender for sending us this one-in-a-million-billion guitar. Complete with bespoke rectangular hard case.

Pickup64 Gray-bottom and a Lollar Charlie Christian
ControlsVolume and Tone
Bridge LThree-saddle string-through-body
Made InUSA
Type LAmerican Professional Series Tele

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