Fender Blues Junior III

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Blues Junior IIIBlues Junior IIIBlues Junior IIIBlues Junior IIIBlues Junior III
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Fender Blues Junior III

£445.00 Was: £560.00 In Stock. Next Day Delivery, order before 3pm

I'm afraid I'm just gonna come right out and say it, because even after all this time, it's still true. This is my favourite amplifier ever. There I said it. No, I'm not fishing for an endorsement deal, this really is a great amp. Why? You wouldn't believe 15 watts could ever be so loud, it's not going to put you in hospital with back failure, it's tones are sublime, and the gain boost is even foot switchable. Oh, and ours is the best price you'll see offline. Shall I go on? Let me know. Anyway, this modern classic is now on Mark III and has a black plate, improved tubes and reverb. So, now it's even better!

Made InMexico
Type LHot Rod Series Mark III

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