Sandberg California TT4 Bass

£1695.00 Available from supplier, please enquire.
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Sandberg California TT4 Bass

£1695.00 Available from supplier, please enquire.

SOLD! Sandbergs are available to order with Wunjo bass. Please email or phone 0207 240 1063.

Nothing says Germany like America, so this used Sandberg California TT4 bass makes complete sense. Truly superb basses with a fabulously playable nature, Sandberg don't have a set type of model, more a series of shapes that can take a number of different pickup options. Built around that striking Alder body, the TT4 has a Canadian Hard Rock Maple neck with serious block inlays and a zero fret, not to mention one of the highest-mass string trees you'll ever see. Sandberg use their own ultra-efficient German tuners to keep you right, and their big thing is making sure everything is sturdy. That means you get a 6-bolt neck to keep you going, secure in the knowledge that it's secure! The TT4 gets it's own preamp, fed by a pair of T-style Delano single coils, which gives you a 2-band EQ and a pickup balance, along with a master Volume. All the hardware is Sandbergs' own, from the elegant swept scratchplate to the high mass bridge, making for a bass with both power and serious German panache. Ja! Protected by a three year warranty with our firm techs, the Sandberg California TT4 is available at Wunjos with a fancy gig bag as standard. Please email via the form below for more information and availability.

Made InGermany
Type LHand Made
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