Peavey Omniac J. Donahue (Used)

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Peavey Omniac J. Donahue (Used)

£995.00 In Stock. Next Day delivery order before 3pm

This 2010 Peavey Omniac Jerry Donahue is a signature guitar for one of the only players to have had both a signature Tele AND a Strat. Yep, the man Danny Gatton called the king of the string benders is no fret slouch - you can't be slack and play in the Hellecasters! While this is definitely a Peavey, there's more than a hint of Music Man about it, something that permeates through the soft-V oiled Birdseye Maple neck (hello old Wolfgang). Operating over a 25.5" scale, the Omniac has a big scoop behind the nut for Donahue's mad bending. Built around an Ash body, JD's swanky axe has a pair of Seymour Duncan single coils for firepower, with a Jerry Donahue Signature APTL-3JD custom wired number in the bridge and an Alnico Pro II APS-2 single in the neck. All very good, but this is no ordinary Tele wired job. Donny needs many tones, so the Omniac has a 5-way blade instead of a three way. After much internet-diving, the wiring is as follows: position 1 is the neck without the tone pot, a la the Esquire, position 2 is the neck with the tone circuit, position 3 is the bridge and neck in parallel with the tone circuit, position 4 is both pickups with a capacitor and resistor in play to give a version of reversed phase, and 5 is the full bridge pickup for ultra-poke. Plainly speaking, if you want a Tele that's more guitar than a normal Tele by some margin, check it out! Protected by a three year warranty with our country techs, the 2010 Peavey Omniac Jerry Donahue is available at Wunjos with a hard case as standard. Please email via the form below for more information and availability.

PickupSeymour Duncan J. Donahue APTL-3JD custom wired single-coil / Alnico Pro II APS-2 single-coil
Controls5 Way Blade Pickup Selector Switch Master Volume Tone
Bridge LSeymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Signature Single-coil
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