Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine - Polyphonic Harmonizing Modulation Effects Pedal

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Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine - Polyphonic Harmonizing Modulation Effects Pedal

£225.00 In Stock. Next Day Delivery order before 3pm

Easily of the most talked-about, misunderstood pedals on the internet, the Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine makes you want to buy it without any idea of what it does. Luckily, Wunjos is here to explain, so stick with us! Described by Earthquaker themselves as a Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer, the Rainbow Machine is a DSP (digital signal processing) based chorus and pitch pedal, which can take your ordinary sound and turn it into something loosely familiar or completely unrecognisable. The Pitch control adds a harmony to your signal, so that at noon it’s a smashing chorus. Anti-clockwise goes up to a fourth below your note, clockwise is up to a third higher, but it isn’t stepped, so you can get microtonal unsettlingness happening. The Primary knob adjusts the volume of the wet signal (bendy sound) and the Tracking controls the delay (between your sound and the bendy sound). Tone lightens or darkens the output, making it easily the most normal knob here, while Secondary introduces an additional octave above or below the signal. This is all great, but you want to know about the Magic. On this redesigned version of the Rainbow Machine, the switches are both on/off and momentary latches, meaning that you can press them like you normally would to activate them, or hold them down for the weird stuff before releasing them again. The Magic knob does, in part, send the Primary and Secondary knobs back and forth into one another, which can result in all the crazy stuff you’ve seen online. However, this isn’t just for the maddening - the level of the Pitch knob dictates what direction the oscillations and extra stuff go in, so you can decide whether you want them to ascend or descend in pitch. The Tracking also affects this, so experiment! If you really want to go there, an expression pedal cal be used to control the Pitch separately, and it’s worth remembering that this pedal isn’t bound to the guitar. A truly exciting, truly inventive and true bypass pedal, you need to experience this in person, so please do just that! Protected by a years’ standard warranty with our zippy techs, the Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine is available at Wunjos right now. Please email via the form below for more information and availability.

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