Earthquaker Devices Tone Job

£159.00 Next Day if ordered before 3pm
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Earthquaker Devices Tone Job

£159.00 Next Day if ordered before 3pm

Built in Akron, Ohio, and home to such shop favourites as the Dispatch Master and the very silly Rainbow Machine, Earthquaker have stuck their effects flag in the pedal soil of boutique-land, making a serious array of pedals for everyone from Juan Alderete to Pallbearer, and they are very here at Wunjos. One of a number of boosters from the American cats, the Tone Job is an EQ and booster designed not to interfere with your rig, but to enhance it. An active EQ means that those Bass, Mid and Treble knobs actually do something, and this true-bypass unit has been designed to run at the beginning or end of your signal path, to give you your desired control. It'll also run on an 18v power supply, and the additional headroom means being able to increase your input gain fivefold. Blimey! The Earthquaker Tone Job is available at Wunjos with a years warranty as standard. Please call for availability.

Dimensions117mm x 64mm x 57mm
Battery Power SupplyNo battery option
P S UStandard 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel (Sold separately)
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