Roland TR-09

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Roland TR-09

£259.00 Delivery Next Day if ordered by 3pm

Everyone in music remembers the 909. I remember it, and I've never even played sitting down. The first MIDI-equipped drum machine, the 909 was only built for two years, between '83 and '85, taking on truly iconic status after this. As part of its Boutique Series, Roland has built a new version of this great device, and named it the TR-09. Using their fancy ACB technology, which allows Roland to recreate the analogue parts of a synth, the TR-09 is a smaller unit that its dad was, but offers all the same sounds, as well as a few handy extras. You can now switch between write and play modes while continuing to play, as well as being able to switch between Step and Tap write modes while the pattern continues, which was not previously possible. Like the original, the Shuffle/Flam parameter is still selectable using the buttons, but now you can use the display and rotary encoder to nail down exactly what you need. Roland know the landscape has changed, and the TR-09 is designed to connect easily with other gear, so the main stereo mini-jack output can be configured to send one instrument to the right channel and the other to the left! You've now got standard MIDI ports and USB, through which you can send the audio of four individual drum parts, so there! A smashing, augmented reissue of a true legend, the Roland TR-09 is available at Wunjos with a years' warranty as standard. Please call for availability.

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