Malekko Unity FUZZ

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Malekko Unity FUZZ

£149.00 Delivery Next Day if ordered before 3pm

Fuzz is nature’s most exciting effect. Although the sensibly-minded tend to plump for whatever Tubescreamer clone is the most expensive, the truly adventurous go for the rough stuff, rejoicing fully in their devoted vision of soul-stirring rasp and absence of practicality. This is wise, because no-one ever talks about how great their hike was when they stuck to the main roads. In the Unity, or to give it it’s full name, the Wolftone Unity, Malekko have slimmed down the original design to produce a pedal with a serious range of both desirable and deliberately undesirable fuzz tones. Controlled by Weight, Gain, Skew, and the all important FORCE SWITCH, the Unity will splat and spit with the best of them, but this ace fuzz offers a huge array of sounds, from barely-on crumbling to worrying cone-fire. The interaction between the three main controls yields everything from a heavy gated stab to shrieking saturation, which is quite nice, but it’s the FORCE SWITCH that really separates this fuzz from the herd. A 3-way compression toggle, the FORCE SWITCH gives the player another level of responsiveness and dynamics, resulting in a terrifically adaptable, prisoner-free fuzz! Capable of total weight or audience blindness, the Malekko Heavy Industries Wolftone Unity is available at Wunjos with a years’ warranty as standard. Please call for availability.

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