Laka VUS-10

£50.00 Available from Supplier, Delivery 2 to 3 days
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Laka VUS-10

£50.00 Available from Supplier, Delivery 2 to 3 days

Talk about getting bang for your buck! This is what most people might refer to as a budget Ukulele. With a price tag of just £45, its certainly not high end, and few would disagree that at this price, most of the enquiries would be coming from beginners or people looking for something to drag around at a summer festival. However, with this £45 soprano ukulele, the VUS-10 by Laka, you get more than just a thrown together collection of balsa wood offcuts. Have a close look at it and you will find a solid Sapele top. Solid is good, it gives a better, more Çopen sound, and it will get better with age. Sapele is also good, its a more readily available (and thus cheaper) variety of mahogany. All of this means that for, yes, you guessed it, only £45, you really do get a jolly decent and viable musical instrument. We have the VUS-10s available new at Wunjo Guitars and online with free UK shipping.

Type LAcoustic
Electro AcousticNo
Solid Top LamSolid Top
Back Side MaterialSapele
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