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1977 Fender Precision Bass Ex Katrina and The Waves

1977 Fender Precision Bass Ex Katrina and The Waves

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Introducing a true piece of music history! This vintage bass guitar not only delivers the renowned Fender craftsmanship but also carries the unique distinction of being featured in the iconic video for Katrina and the Waves' hit song "Walking on Sunshine."

With its stunning Mocha finish, this bass exudes a distinct elegance that captures the essence of the era. The deep brown hue, combined with the aged patina, gives it a vintage aesthetic that stands out on any stage or in any collection.

Crafted in 1977, this Fender Precision Bass carries the legacy of Fender's dedication to quality and attention to detail. Its maple neck provides a smooth and comfortable playing experience, allowing for effortless playability and precise execution of every note.

The 1977 Mocha Fender Precision Bass is not just a remarkable instrument but a cherished collectible for fans and musicians alike. Whether you're a dedicated collector seeking a piece of music history or a musician looking for an instrument that carries a unique story, this bass offers an unrivalled combination of vintage charm and cultural significance. 

Aside from being in the video of a song that defined a generation this bass is original throughout and comes with 3 years of warranty including free setups and servicing. 

Weight: 4.56 Kg


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