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Stone Deaf Q Boost

Stone Deaf Q Boost

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Here's what Stone Deaf have to say about the Q Boost:

There’s no secret recipe for great tone, but the QBoost comes pretty close. Whether you’re looking to drive your amp harder, deliver more punch to a favourite pedal, or stand out for a solo, it’s the Swiss army knife you need to get the most out of your set-up.

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The secret to the QBoost’s flexibility are the two sides to the circuit. As a pre-amp, you can toggle between vintage and modern voices, for always-on saturation, overdrive, and fuzz (vintage), pristine cleans (modern), and a whole world of sonic possibilities in between.

Whatever mood you’re in, the QBoost brings enough extra gain to the party to help you push pedals and amps to the limit, unlocking new, unique tones, and the creamy, magical saturation we all know and love.

If that wasn’t enough, the QBoost also showcases Stone Deaf’s love of guitar and bass EQ, with a built-in frequency booster that runs from 35hz to 6Khz. With a natural, medium Q factor, this lets the pedal emphasise a specific frequency when the second footswitch is engaged. Forget about a normal treble boost pedal. The QBoost lets you show off the highs, the mids, or the lows, to make sure your sound always suits the situation.

All of these features add up to make the QBoost a one-of-a-kind tone shaper. One that works interactively with your gear to take things to the next level and keep you, and your audience, wondering what’s coming next

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