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Takamine GN11M-NS Mahogany Acoustic Guitar, Left-Handed

Takamine GN11M-NS Mahogany Acoustic Guitar, Left-Handed

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Warm and resonant. Balanced and versatile. The Takamine GN11M NEX Acoustic combines a quality laminate all-mahogany construction and their signature NEX body with a smooth, tactile feel. Whether you're ready to upgrade your beginner's guitar or simply add another to your collection. This GN11M has an impressive feel, tone, and the durability to handle life on the road.

With its all-mahogany build, your NEX heads in a bluesy direction. You can play roots music, blues, folk, country, slide techniques, and much more. Explore a rich, warm, punchy tone with plenty of pleasing resonance.

Additionally, with a natural matte finish, resonance is increased further, and you can play with a silky-smooth feel. Play with freedom, play your way.

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