Notes on International Shipping

There are so many reasons why buying a guitar is not quite as simple as we wish it could be. One of those reasons is getting the damn thing home! Many of our customers are from overseas jetting in from all four corners of the world and airlines, trains, sometimes even cars do not always take too kindly to a heavy and bulky guitar on board. Neither does the guitar itself particularly relish such a journey. If you're reading this you may be one of our thousands of website visitors who can't really get to London in a hurry. Whatever your circumstances, we want you to have that dream axe, and to save you the worry, we always offer shipping at the most competitive price we can, using our courier or choice, UPS.


​Here's a rough idea of rates of shipping the average guitar from London:

Europe and Scandinavia: £20 - £40

​USA & Canada: £130 - £200

South America, M. East and Asia: £150 - £250

Australasia: £200 - £300

Prices do vary for specific locations and tiumes of the year. So please do email us if you would like a precise quote to your part of the world.

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