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Every bassist knows Ampeg. That in itself is something, but it wouldn't be nothin' without a reason, and the reason is that Ampeg make beastly more

One of the most renowned amp manufacturers in the world, with a list of heavy users as big as your record collection, Ampeg know a thing or two more

When you're a bass company with the likes of Gene Simmons, Gail Ann Dorsey and George Porter Jr. on the books, people expect a lot of you. If you' more

The not-tonight-with-those-trainers-mate doormen of the bass amp world, Ampeg have spent a career doling out the heavy artillery to every bassist more

Known the world over for their massive sound, Ampeg are the large chaps of bassland. From the tiddly PF-20 to the bone-powdering SVT's, if you more

Built around the idea that every bassist, regardless of age or musical creed, wants to stand in front of an Ampeg stack and cane it at full chat more

The Ampeg PF-112HLF bass enclosure delivers the performance, looks and affordability of the popular Portaflex series in a powerful, ported design more

So you're the biggest name in bass amps, with some of your products being used for demolition. Everyone and their dad wants an 8x10" cab, and your more

The whole idea behind Ampeg's Portaflex series is compact size, massive power. There's few greater hassles than carting a honking great bass rig more

The Ampeg SVT-112AV bass enclosure delivers pure Ampeg tone in a ported cabinet design that bridges the gap between the fast transient response more

This is the speaker cabinet for the bass player who demands the ultimate in a single, compact cabinet setup. The SVT-410HLF delivers devastating more

Having played through this monstrous head a few times myself, I can attest that it is no clock radio. A big Ampeg head should make you both more

Any amplifier company that gets the thumbs up from Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie/Seal/Tears For Fears/Gwen Stefani etc) has got to be worth putting more

Donald "Duck" Dunn, a proper bass legend, is an Ampeg endorsee. Eva Gardner, who has played with The Mars Volta, P!nk and Cher, is an Ampeg more

Drawing from the classic design of Ampeg's legendary Portaflex cabinets, the PF-115HE combines vintage styling with the performance of a modern more

The Ampeg PF-410HLF bass enclosure delivers the performance, looks and affordability of the popular Portaflex series in a powerful, shelf-ported more

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