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A very popular effect amongst bassists, chorus is a common tool for thickening. Boss have been thickening players bottom ends for decades, and more

Flanging. Fun to do and to say, that jet-flying-overhead sound comes in handy sometimes, especially if you're playing a bit of psych and wigging more

One of the few pedals that everyone at Wunjos agrees on, the Boss delay units are the biggest selling delay units in effects history. From the more

There are few certainties in life. Death, tax, rubbish daytime telly; all of these flounder behind the unassailable guarantee that you know at more

If you've never known the joy of amp switching, you're missing out. If, like me, you've been known to switch from your trusty standard-tuned Strat more

The old Boss OC-2 was quite a unit. Famous for doing lots of things well, and a couple of things hilariously badly, it found its way onto many more

The number of players who have relied on pedals like the famous CS-2 is too long for this caption. The number of players who aren't 100% sure how more

Boss, the world's largest and best known pedal manufacturer, has stepped up its game. With the constant rise and proliferation of boutique pedals more

Often, it's the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Having a buffered pedal in an otherwise true bypass chain, for example, can more

After Boss decided to send everyone sideways by putting a bass synth into a compact pedal for the first time with the SYB-3, they kept beavering more

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