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At the end of the 1970s | most guitar effects pedals that did anything vaguely zany were about the size of a small family car. When Roland came more

Remember the day you discovered overdrive? It was probably the same day you first played an electric guitar. Suddenly you felt like the biggest more

While a lot of players use overdrive and distortion to cripple the sky | there are even more players who worship at the altar of low to medium more

Flanging. Fun to do and to say that jet-flying-overhead sound comes in handy sometimes especially if you're playing a bit of psych and wigging more

The BOSS CE-2W Waza Craft is a special flag in the ground. The very first Boss pedal was the CE-1 back in 1976, and was the world's first chorus more

Chorus is a top tool. Capable of doing everything from slightly thickening a bass signal to drowning a fully-grown adult | it's been on everything more

Chorus is Boss' thing. The Japanese effects barons were at the vanguard of such technology back in '76; their choruses are on so many pedalboards more

Compression is an important part of many guitarists' arsenal. For years | many funky | choppy players have relied on the Boss CS-2 to get them more

My mate Ian when we were in my first band together absolutely swore by his original CS-2 compressor. A devoted shredder he loved how that Boss more

One of the few pedals that everyone at Wunjos agrees on the Boss delay units are the biggest selling delay units in effects history. From the more

The original Boss DM-2 is something of an anomaly. An analog delay with a fairly short delay time by todays' ridiculous standards this pink more

This is where the whole thing began. The BOSS DS-1 along with the yellow overdrive pedal the OD-1 were the trailblazers for the entire range of more

If you're looking for an amazing modern distortion pedal that sounds great and will survive a thousand nights on the road then X really does mark more

Some of the most famous widely-used pedals on earth are all built by one company: Boss. The Japanese titans have built a colossal number of units more

At Wunjos we know (and you only need to have a cursory glance around this website to confirm that you do indeed know) there are many people in more

I have known many players who have bought an equalizer pedal set the whole thing flat across the middle except for either the low bass slider or more

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