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Unfortunately, life doesnt always grant us access to vast swathes of money. This puts a number of items out of the reach of a lot of people. more

Woah baby. First things first, this is a Danelectro, so semi-hollow vintage vibe is where we_start. A byword for that 60's jangly tone on a budget, more

There is an unusual story behind the reissue of this Danelectro stalwart. Much like my Mrs who frequently loses lipsticks at the bottom of her more

A company with a long history of sitting outside the malt shop in a zoot suit while everyone else joins the space race, Danelectro knows that its more

In the 50s, glitter was totally cool, especially if you were young and living the rock and roll dream. TV sets were covered in the stuff, not to more

Danelectro's reputation precedes them. Twang, body lightness, impossible cool, that grinning nod from other players, it's all there. The '67 Dano more

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