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A fusion/gospel firebreather, the EBS HD350 Pro 350W was first released in 2001. Nearly 40 years ago in amp years, that means it's been around more

Openly created for funk, the Ashdown Retroglide 800 is primed and ready to get all the way down. Virtually insisting that you groove whether you more

A suite of expressive effects to transform your instrument in new and exciting ways. Infinite Jets tracks the dynamics of your playing, more

Feature Overview Octave Up and Down Pitch Shifting Pattern Sequencer Rhythmic Gate, with dynamic ADSR “morphing” Tap Tempo more

Reverb is an essential element in nearly any rig. Whether you're adding dimension to your sound or drenching your signal in sparkling reflections, more

Dave Smith blew everyone's mind in 2015 with the release of the Sequential Prophet 6 synthesizer, and it seems he's not done treating every synth more

Just when you thought Dave Smith couldn't get any better, they raise the bar again. This is what the man himself calls 'the ultimate mono synth', more

There are two types of Synths in this world: Synths, and Nord Synths. This, as you can quite clearly see, is one of the latter. It's a belter of a more

As if to suggest that using your average synth is akin to a hard session at the gym no warm up time is the assurance given among the opening more

The Werkstatt-1 was initially designed as an educational tool for the Engineering VIP workshops at Moogfest 2014. This small synthesizer has more

What Arturia say:"MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog scene with its mixable waveforms, more

What Arturia say:"Combining the best elements of an analog synthesizer with an intuitive step-sequencer and exciting semi-modular architecture, more

What Arturia say:  "Modular gear is a precious commodity, and you need a versatile housing and security system to accommodate them. A first more

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