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Based out of their groovy pad in Brooklyn NY, Death By Audio make extreme effects for extreme people. Their big single is the Fuzz War, which has more

Not a company renowned for saying 'right chaps let's make a tuner this time', Death By Audio are out to do some destructive exploring, and if you' more

Every player has a little bit missing in their rig. Naturally, that's where a shop such as ours comes in to supply you with those bits you're more

The Ibanez Tubescreamer has been_the_thing for many moons when it came to pushing an amp that's already a bit hot into that musky region where more

This is an exciting moment, because these are nothing like this. Death By Audio make serious stuff for serious people using serious bits, then don' more

If it sounds like a guitar is trapped inside a grimey Williamsburg warehouse... in space, then the chances are that actually, it probably being more

Named after a hellishly loud art performance space in Brooklyn, NY, and still based there knocking out crazy pedals, Death By Audio make some of more

Built by a small collective Stateside and named after a raucous DIY venue in New York, Death By Audio pedals are the ones everybody tells you more

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