• MOOER Grey Faze


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    Mooer Grey Faze Fuzz

MOOER Grey Faze

Most guitars players have been through various phases of bands, styles and fashion faux-pas, but not many have been through a Faze phase... until now. There's a massive debate going on in the dark corners of the nation's grotty indie pubs as to which nasty fuzz sound is THE fuzz sound. Well, Mooer are hedging their bets with this pedal, a grunty, grouchy, growling little fuzz pedal that has such a tremendous sweep of tone through its solitary fuzz dial that you'll be wondering what else you could possibly need from a fuzz pedal. It really is a nasty sound this thing produces, and of course by that I mean a really amazing sound. Think Fu Manchu, Hendrix, Kyuss, it pretty much covers all the fuzz bases, and for a pedal in such a tiny box, that's pretty impressive. We have these on sale new at Wunjo Guitars, so if you're looking for something simple, affordable and good that won't take up too much space on your pedal board, you've just found it. Price includes UK shipping if buying online.

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