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It seems that since KT Tunstall and Ed Sheeran turned up , everyone and their gran wants to get looping. This is great news, as looping works on more

The first ever item to go on sale in our new online shop, the classic E-H_Fuzz pedal that was famously used by a certain Mr Hendrix to name but more

It's a Big Muff on steroids, the Big Muff with Tone Wicker certainly puts the Big into Big Muff in ways that all other Big Muff variations do not. more

Forget about the B9. We've moved on at Wunjo Guitars, by one whole letter of the alphabet. This is the new Organ Synth pedal from EHX, the C9, more

Forever a company that like to go ahead and make things that no-one else would have thought to try, EHX have stayed a mad, brilliant, influential more

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Cathedral to play guitar in. For those people, EHX have kindly provided a neat solution: The Cathedral more

Like a quadruple chocolate cookie, the Deluxe Memory Man takes the classic, tried and tested Memory Man format (chocolate), the analogue delay more

The original Uni-Vibe was a pedal that stood, for the most part, on its own. For the same reason that no-one has tried to out-Whammy the Whammy, more

Not everybody has a cavernous reverb tank to plonk their amp into and while away the hours swimming around in luscious natural reverb, the type of more

In these mechanically-astute days, with the majority of players having access to information regarding the boards of those they grew up listening more

The 9 series of pedals have generated some of the greatest looks of disbelief we've seen since we started doing pedals. Naturally, as far as Mike more

The world of analogue delay is quite a mysterious one. There's alot to choose from, with all manner of offerings from all the big players being more

Most guitars players wouldn't buy an analogue delay pedal and consider it a Toy, but that's how EHX like to play around with your mind. They know more

Chorus is a funny old game. To some, it's a dated relic of the 80's, to some, a hangover from The Police, but to many _ way more players that you more

For the 3 of you who have just been born and don't know yet, the POG is one of the most popular pedals in existence. Creeping onto boards all over more

The Small Stone is another classic of the effects pedal world. The first ones came out around 1976, and they've been a go-to phase effects pedal more

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