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Now doesn't this just look like a proper job? Fender have obviously decided that there is no point making amps that don't look like classic Fender more

Plug it in and wait for the thunder! 1 x 15 Inch Bass Cabinet by Fender, perfect for using with Fender Bass Head more

The perfect amplifier for the beginner or the bedroom bass player, the Fender Rumble 15 has all the right features, and nothing more than that. more

'The all-new Rumble Series is a mighty leap forward in the evolution of portable bass amps' said the marketing man from Fender. What on earth was more

When amps were invented, you had to make do with what the big companies put out on offer. In more recent times, we the buying public are placing more

There is a famous photograph of the Beatles in their earliest days, where Macca and Lennon are stood either side of a wardrobe, the headstocks of more

In days of old, a 500 watt bass amplifier would have required a team of burly, unwashed roadies and a 10 ton truck to transport it from one place more

One of the most popular amps at Wunjos, the Rumble series is as solid and as reliable as they come. Used by our own hard-gigging songbird Anna, more

I remember doing a short video on the Wunjo Bass Instgram with this amp, using a P-Bass and a pick to get that Peaches Stranglers tone. It was more

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