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With much fanfare and clanging of bells allow us to show you the Fender Professional Series! Replacing the 30-year-old American Standard series more

It's no secret that damn near every bassist who has ever lived has owned a Fender Precision or at the very least a bass derived from one. The more

One of the two most recorded basses of all time (the other one's the Precision as if you didn't know) Leo Fenders' modern classic has been through more

Good news America! Directly as a result of Donald Trump becoming president-elect Fender has decided to do you a solid by introducing their more

Bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers the man born Michael Peter Balzary has been laying down hard and funky lines since 1984 for the Chilis more

Back in the 1950's bassists were burdened with the anguish of having to cart an upright around everywhere, which was a massive hassle for everyone more

Hey you there! Are you a 'cutting-edge bassist looking for a lightweight high-performance bass with a striking appearance'? If so then Fender more

When you consider buying a musical instrument wit the word "deluxe' in the title you'll be hoping for one of two things: either it will look like more

When you are sitting with this bass guitar in your hands amongst the rows and rows of beautiful instruments that we have on sale here at Wunjo more

If it ain't broke don't fix it " goes the phrase. Fender heard that then decided to augment it to "if it ain't broke fit it with an extra Jazz more

Adding as many superlatives as they possibly could to the good old Precision Bass, Fender have created this Deluxe Active P-Bass Special. No doubt more

Time to don your miniscule specs, tidy up your facial hair and tend to your mullet, this ladies and gentlemen is the Fender Geddy Lee Jazz bass, more

This is a call to all fans of a certain rock band! Word on the street is, there is nothing left to lose, the colour and the shape of this more

Short scale basses are a bit of a favourite here at Wunjos. The stumpy cousins of the bass world can be immense fun, with their reduced length more

With much fanfare and clanging of bells, allow us to show you the Fender Professional Series! Replacing the 30-year-old American Standard series, more

There are plenty of times in life when one needs to get low. Limbo dancing, for example, crawling across an assault course, or when visiting Frodo more

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