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Heyy-aghh! It's a 1990 Gibson Explorer and it's black sir. Line up for taking turns botching your old 'Tallica riffs on this and then realise that more

Developed by Ted McCarty, this 1991 Gibson Flying V is a stone-cold killer. Yes, you probably love the Strat and yes, a Les Paul is oh-so-classic more

What have we here? It's a vintage 1973 Gibson SG Special D! One of the cult-cool Gibsons of the 1970's, this all-original Special D wasn't just a more

If you've got a jazz gig at 11am but a rock set at noon, this 2013 Gibson ES-195 is exactly what you need. Stunning everyone and everything with more

Okay, so here it is; our vintage 1958 Gibson ES-335. A serious big daddy and then some, this isn't a guitar for taking down the Dog & Duck, more

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