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There are players who like a big body; jumbos, super jumbos, dreadnoughts and contemporaries thereof, who like to smash a chord out into the world, more

For those of us invested in the lexicon of guitar lore, Gretsch need no introduction. For those of you who don't know, perhaps it would help if I more

For the frontperson who stands on the barrier in their best suit, sweating and looking awesome doing it, this is the guitar to have. If what you more

The Gretsch White Falcon has, for many years, been the sign of the coolest players. Not flavour-of-the-month cool, but big-time, don't-even-step more

Do you ever look at your acoustic and think how pedestrian it looks? Another necky wooden box like all the others eh? How about a J-45-esque, more

Everyone has their story of their first guitar. Mine was borrowed from a mate, a classical from Argos which I strung up with steel acoustic more

Smaller bodied guitars are something of a favourite here at Wunjos. I've had two, Brandy's had at least a couple, and that's because of their more

It's the little things. If you had never seen this guitar, and I told you it was brown, you would smile briefly and change the topic to sports or more

The whole idea behind the Gretsch Roots collection is to hark back to an era of olde-worlde craftsmanship, when people could shoe horses with more

One of our most popular guitars in recent years has been the Gretsch Electromatic Series, and with good reason. Well made, good-loking guitars for more

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