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Raunch! Disgraceful behaviour! Outlandish, slithering blues! A favourite of everyone at Wunjos as well as Muddy Waters, Dan Auerbach and Zal more

A guitar making company set up by a Jazz player was always going to be one that excelled at making big hollow body jazzers. Alfred Dronge was the more

The Guild T-50 Slim is the resurgence of old school New York City. A flashback to 50s/60s blues and jazz, but with the flexibility to lend itself more

A players players brand, Guild got its start in the 50's in America. Building guitars like the D-38, S200 T Bird and S100 Polaris, their artist more

So many things in this world could fall under the heading 'even better if'. A Ferrari would be 'even better if' I could actually afford one. The more

Starfire. The name alone is cool, like some new-fangled rebel fighter ship from Star Wars in which old man Luke Skywalker single handedly defeats more

It's back! Goodness knows why it ever went away, because the Guild Starfire has remained an extremely popular and relatively ubiquitous more

Guild have always been a brand that players have enjoyed. Straying from the beaten path set out by the likes of Gibson and Fender by building more

Our esteemed colleague and manager of our guitar shop, Jimmy, has recently been photographed grinning from ear to ear holding the new Guild S-100 more

There's a million industries where new things are king. Can you imagine the mass-buying market suddenly requesting a return to brick-sized mobiles, more

Coming in hard from Guild's Newark Street collection, the original Bluesbird was developed in 1970 as the solid companion to the hollow M75, and more

Firstly, massive props to Guild. The new Guild Jetstar is a sign that after years as the players' underdog, this fantastic company are getting the more

All Original. Available at Wunjos with a three-year warranty and gig bag as standard. Please email via the form below for more information and more

Full Description is Coming Soon! Available at Wunjos with a three-year warranty and a hard case as standard. Please email via the form below for more

Guild T-Bird ST Vintage White. Condition is New.   “Based on the S-200 T-Bird reissue, the T-Bird ST features the same unique, more

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