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It's not that uncommon for companies to look within their own pedal range for inspiration. Look at everything Boss have achieved with different more

If you've ever thought to yourself 'I would love a pedal that combines the Boss VB-2, CE-2, CE-1 and Arion SCH-1 and also is lilac and has a more

A good drive pedal changes everything in your setup. Finding the right one can be a truly painstaking process, and much like fuzz, there are an more

It is common practice for pedal manufacturers to be judged on their dirt pedals. As the most common type of effect, it stands to reason that if more

As some pedals pass into true classic status, they start to get copied more and more. The danger is, of course, that in a rush to copy legendary more

Two of the effects that are hardest for guitarists to buy are buffers and boosters. Buffers because you don't know how good or bad it is until its' more

The early Zep recordings, and those of the Stray Cats, were made using Supro amplifiers. As it happens, We're stocking the hefty reissues of these more

JHS have a thing for basing their overdrives on specific amplifiers. The Angry Charlie is based on the JCM800, the Superbolt on the old Supro more

Delay is a pretty crucial effect. Imagine the Edge without delay; he'd be playing one note every couple of weeks. That repeating effect is a key more

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