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It's all about control. Power is nothing without it and in the realm of keys the most important thing is knowing what's going to happen when you more

The advancements in technology in recent years have been to try and make what we have to do in life more rather than less convenient. Guitarists more

Korg makers of the mighty Kronos and the militantly joyful Pandora are at it again. These guys know that control over your MIDI both live and in more

Korg are doing the business at the moment in Control-Land. Not content with the recently-revised almighty Kronos amongst others their MicroKey more

You want to be free right? To wander your musical domain untethered by such cro-magnon notions as cables; you want to get into it without even more

I know you dream of movement. Unfettered strolling across any stage with your equipment accompanying you every step of the way. Perhaps this is a more

So I was talking to your pal and he said you were looking for the good stuff- /"Bluetooth or nothing mate know what I mean/". /"Say no more say no more

In times gone by connecting things via Bluetooth could be a bit of a struggle. The advent of the recent developments in mobile technology has more

Convenient compact control surface with easy setup for immediate use in a body proportioned to fit perfectly in front of your laptop computer the more

The perfect size for intuitively controlling your music. A physical MIDI controller that you can use via USB or wirelessly. The nanoKONTROL Studio more

An all-in-one that delivers inspiration. A mobile MIDI keyboard that connects via USB or wirelessly. The nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard knobs more

Ever the adventurers in the field of electronics Korg have been right up there in developing the most practical most portable units possible for more

Sixteen pads in a compact body like all nanoSERIES2 controllers the nanoPAD2 had to be compact lightweight and sized to work well with any laptop more

Emotional KONTROL the padKONTROL provides sixteen great-feeling trigger pads that are excellent for dynamic drum and organic percussion more

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