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According to the Arrogant Worms, Canada has rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees. But the country of William Shatner, moose and more

Never one to rest of his laurels, Jean Larrivee has kept his team of flannel-finished luthiers beavering away to bring you the best Canadian more

With all the usual quality and verve that we've got so used to from Larrivee, but in a very small package, the parlour sized P series, exceedingly more

Larrivee don't have the same advantage held by Martin and Gibson in that they haven't been around for a century and a half. Jean larrivee started more

At that critical price point of £1000, an all solid dreadnought guitar has got its work cut out to compete with the rest of the bunch. I'm more

Larrivee are one of Canada's greatest exports. Aside from Bill Shatner, Thompsons' Maple Candies and a general sense of politeness, Jean Larrivee' more

Canada is known as a rather polite, understanding country, softly spoken and quite welcoming. It should shock no-one then that it's guitars are more

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