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For those of you not 100% au fait with what a bitcrusher does | the simplest way to explain would be reducing the quality of your signal until it more

Lateral Sound are a new team in the Wunjos pedal league | and welcome too. Built in Weston Super Mare by Jon and Amy | their neat range is more more

Fuzz. Grand wizard of all effects | and the reason that some of us got into guitar in the first place | fuzz can be extremely rewarding or very more

Welcome to Wunjos | Lateral Sound | welcome. Recent additions to the Wunjos canon | Lateral Sounds are built by Jon and Amy in Weston Super Mare | more

Those of you who dig a good squelch may want to read on. The boys at Wunjo Keys are always telling us how killer old mad synths are | how more

We love a good shudder here at Wunjos | and we've had some pretty hardcore trems come through the door in the last few years. New pedal additions more

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