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**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** Although the Lowden range is full of large-bodied, bone-powderingly powerful acoustics, few instruments in the more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-Order** If you buy a Lowden, you're going to expect a certain level of quailty. Plenty of warmth in the tone, plenty of more

Two legendary names in the world of guitars get together for a coffee, start talking about exotic woods from outer space and the best guitars you more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** The Lowden O-22 had been absent from the work bench in Northern Ireland for quite a while until it was more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** If you're in the market for a very serious acoustic, the sort of guitar that will last you all the way to the more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order**Lowden; the thinking player's acoustic. When not being systematically eradicated by Jon Gomm, Lowden continue more

**Sold. Available to Pre-order** It's very easy to see the cost of something and assume that it's amazing. Certainly, there's lots of things in more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** Lowden acoustic guitars are not ten a penny. We have gone to such lengths as to travel to Northern Ireland to more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order**   It's no secret that Wunjos and Lowden are keen on each other. We've had a substantial number of them more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-Order** What's better than a normal Lowden I hear you ponder? I mean, those guitars are already specced to the nines more

With a name like a rare fish this incredibly mature-looking instrument saunters forth from the relentlessly high quality Lowden workshop. Though more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** A true favourite amongst the Wunjos collective, the Lowden WL-25 is unlike any other small-bodied instrument more

**SOLD - Available to Pre-order** One of the most serious guitars currently in stock, the Lowden F-25 has the ear of everyone who comes through more

*SOLD - PLEASE CALL*A serious guitar for a very serious player, the Lowden Jon Gomm Signature is a road king. Gomm is well known for his devotion more

As part of the George Lowden family, the Lowden S32C has the best possible start in life. Built to exacting specs by hand using first-rate woods, more

*AVAILABLE TO ORDER - PLEASE EMAIL*A truly heavy-duty guitar from a very serious company, the Lowden F23 isn't for fumbling your way through ' more

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