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Amusing because of its giant enclosure and funny name, the Malekko B:Assmaster is one of the more famous/infamous bass fuzzes. Inspired by the more

As we march onward through the golden era of effects, the player of 2017 finds themselves spoilt for choice in every way imaginable. The sheer more

Fuzz is nature’s most exciting effect. Although the sensibly-minded tend to plump for whatever Tubescreamer clone is the most expensive, the more

One of the pedal worlds’ most polarising effects, chorus has been present on everything from thrash to emo, soul to NWOBHM, and indie to more

If you’ve spent any time listening to everyone’s favourite Scientological surprise, Beck, then you know he’s got a rather good more

Here's what Malekko have to say about the downer:   'DOWNER combines the power of wavefolding or saturation, pitch shifting down to one more

POLYAMORATOR is a compact digital harmonize/delay/arpeggio pedal featuring three stages of harmonizing and delay with two pages for control more

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