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Officially gone are the days when bass players are required to cart a 25 tonne amplifier to gigs (and by that, I just mean the head, the cab is more

In most cases, a Mark Bass amp might be described as 'too cool for school', but in the case of this 250W Class D combo, perhaps the right thing to more

The modern bass player doesn't know he's born. If I could bring John Entwhistle back from the dead and tell him he could have a 500 watt analogue more

Good things come in small packages, and if you can possibly believe it, this little metal box with knobs on is capable of pumping out 500 watts of more

One of our favourites, MarkBass have been making ultra-lightweight combos and heads for long enough for us to gush about them a bit. That more

Randy Hope-Taylor. Name ring any bells? I would imagine that most bass players reading this will be nodding sagely. Why do I mention his name? more

Apparently, many amps are not very clever. 'Big and Dumb' is how Mark Bass describe your average 15" coned bass amp, which presumably removes one' more

Ever wondered what happened to all the old upright desktop PCs after the laptop became di rigeur with most computer users? Well, as it turns out, more

You've been wooed by the allure of a Mark Bass amp head, and now you need something to plug it into so you can unleash the low frequency fires of more

Canadian jazz champ Alain Caron has a thing for extended-scale basses. This means that he is rather picky about his choice of amplifier, which has more

Are you a head banger? Are you a fan of science and science based sit-coms? Do you like your big things to be quite small? Are you looking for the more

Instantly recognisable from their big yellow cones, MarkBass is one of Italy's finest exports. A company for whom we have a great deal of time, more

Jeff Berlin, for those of you who don't know, is a truly frighteningly capable bassist, with whom MarkBass have been working for some years. more

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