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When you think 'resonator' | you might picture the cover of Brothers In Arms | or someone chewing corn and playing slide with a medicine bottle. more

National are synonymous with slide | that inimitable Delta sound | and serious finishing. From the magnificent rusty sound of Bonnie Prince more

Well now-look at this. Quite a thing | we're sure you'll agree! Although National needs zero introduction to those who have even the slightest more

Forever the traditional bearer of the Reso-torch | National are a brand that conjures slide-centric | blues-heavy images into the mind of more

If you've ever hankered after riding a horse across dusty plains | or gazing thoughtfully out into an unspoilt swamp from the comfort of your more

Back in the 90s | National introduced a beautiful warm sounding mahogany bodied single cone resonator called the M1. The public loved it and more

Back in the 30s | the musical revolution was in full swing in the United States | sparked by the great depression and the swirling melting pot more

There's nothing quite like the classic look of a National Tricone | and indeed | the big beefy tone of a classic Tricone. Not many of us can more

The NRP Steel features a steel body but instead of the painted finish of the B Series instruments | it boasts a rubbed nickel exterior that gives more

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