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Famous for being the company that Mr. Fender started after Fender, G&L have made some heavy gear. Responsible for the all-business Comanche, more

Arrr shiver me timbers and place money in the ground for future collection; it's a new Ernie Ball shape! A company with a long history of more

Part of the SR Premium line and manufactured in the Ibanez Premium factory, the Ibanez SR5BBLTD electric bass is designed with high-end features, more

For those of you who haven't heard of Paul Brett, here's a quick synopsis. A truly mesmerising 12-string specialist, Brett has worked with, more

Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochrane, John Frusciante, Neil Young, Tim Armstrong and Patrick Stump. What do all these players have in common? Gretsch. Fred' more

As electric guitars go, there's none quite so 'accessible' than a Club, if you'll pardon the pun. Specifically, the Hofner Club Model 60, a more

This may come as a bit of surprise, but the Russians were the first people to play 7-strings. Yep, back in the 1700's the most common stringed more

The UK's Leo Fender, Jim Burns, famously put in many hours with Baldwin, designing all sorts of winderful, crazy looking pieces of machinery in more

The very nature of Wunjos, as you all know, is that every time you walk in the door, there's something you've never seen before. Whether that's a more

In the old days of guitar building, when the rules hadn't been set, anyone was free to make anything, with only the mildest of guidelines. The more

Some instruments have a sound you can recognise from a mile away. The ponk of a banjo, the zing of a mandolin, or the 'faow' of a fretless bass. more

Here at Wunjos we get plenty of the odd stuff, the gear that's truly thin on the ground. Ovation Magnums, '80s Fender Elites, you name it. One more

You've got to hand it to the Italians; they knew how to make it weird. If someone said 'strange guitars' to you, you'd most likely head more

What do you mean you've never heard of Nathan East? Are you serious? Oh- you're not. Well, for the 3 people reading this who don't know, Mr. East more

Canada. Home of rocks and trees and rocks, it has given the world so much. Basketball. The Zamboni. Bill Shatner. All great things, but what about more

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