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Takamine are up there with the world's best makers of Electro-acoustic guitars, but a company that is best known for its Japanese origins needs a more

From the series of guitars that Takamine has mythologically dubbed the 'Legacy' series, this is the very wonderful EF341SC, a heart and more

This guitar has got open mic written all over it. Ok, not literally. If it did literally have open mic written all over it, it probably wouldn't more

For any player, one of the most important things you can possibly have is a reliable acoustic. When you're left-handed, this can be difficult. more

Being first is always a good feeling, especially when you're the first to do something important. Takamine were the first company to put a pickup more

A GD is a great dreadnought, no matter which way you look at it. A great dreadnought doesn't have to look posh, but looks are important, and tone more

Takamine have made yet another perfect guitar for all occasions and abilities, the GF30CE from the G30 series of guitars that are now available more

Don't be a dumbo, get yourself a Jumbo! If you're looking for a big loud raucous kind of tone for playing out live, then nothing else will do. more

There's no point in hiding it: while there are some people in the world who don't need a guitar dripping with bells, whistles, bluster and bling, more

Takamine, not only the first company in history to put a pickup in an acoustic but also the hardest-working brand in all of electro-acoustic-dom, more

What do you get if you cross the fine looks of a beautifully crafted wooden musical instrument, and the best of modern performance more

Emerging from the highly esteemed Takamine G-Mini series, the GX18CE is, as Takamine themselves so charmingly put it. 'a 3/4 size guitar with a more

For all the ladies in the Parlours, and all the gentlemens in the rest of the house, this is one high end little beauty of a parlour size flat top more

When you pick up an acoustic guitar an immediately notice how heavy it feels, that is probably a good thing. It speaks of quality, of premium more

Do you know who plays Takamine? Rick Astley. He'll never give them up. The hardest working acoustic on earth, Takamine have built their reputation more

Takamine is a big name in the guitar world, and if you haven't heard of them already, then what you are reading will probably serve as putting a more

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