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The very nature of Wunjos, as you all know, is that every time you walk in the door, there's something you've never seen before. Whether that's a more

Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochrane, John Frusciante, Neil Young, Tim Armstrong and Patrick Stump. What do all these players have in common? Gretsch. Fred' more

As electric guitars go, there's none quite so 'accessible' than a Club, if you'll pardon the pun. Specifically, the Hofner Club Model 60, a more

We all know Gibson's classic models, the Les Paul and the SG, and then of course the ES-335. Some of you clever ones out there may have even heard more

The Harmony Rocket. An understated classic if ever there was one. Guitars like Gibson Les Pauls have found mass appeal and iconic status by more

A pinnacle brand of 1960's guitar cool, the Teisco EP-8T is kind of like a 335 except in every way. Built at a time before the rules of electric more

Not that we're biased, but this '90s Grestch G6122 Country Classic II is a bit of a cracker. Built in Japan following Gretsch's relocation, the more

Okay, so here it is; our vintage 1958 Gibson ES-335. A serious big daddy and then some, this isn't a guitar for taking down the Dog & Duck, more

The sort of guitar that has the staff in a flap, this vintage Harmony Rocket is the real deal. With the resurgence in interest in these guitars in more

Dating from the year of her death, this 2007 Fender Mary Kaye Stratocaster is the absolute last thing to look for in forums, where you'll find more

Another lovely Verythin for you! Hofner, who are German, clearly didn't suffer fools gladly in their marketing department with names like the more

This 2010 Peavey Omniac Jerry Donahue is a signature guitar for one of the only players to have had both a signature Tele AND a Strat. Yep, the more

We do our best to give the slidey-players among you plenty to shout about, so here's a vintage 1957 Fender Deluxe Lap Steel. Although Fender are more

A Vox Tornado Electro-Archtop, designed and made in the mid-sixties by Italians, is a guitar that certainly does not make heavy weather of more

If you've got a jazz gig at 11am but a rock set at noon, this 2013 Gibson ES-195 is exactly what you need. Stunning everyone and everything with more

Deudehdeh deudehdeh deuhdeh-deh - it's a 2012 Gretsch 6120 TM! After Japan took custody of Gretsch they produced some monumental guitars, and this more

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