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Levin should be one of the best acoustic guitar makers in the world. Unfortunately, they are not, because the company folded in the 70s. It's a more

Forming part of a trio of very beautiful parlour-ish guitars, the Collings C10-SB must rank among the company's finest creations. This incarnation more

Flicking through the vintage guide, perusing the list of Martin Dreadnoughts made over history, it is not until you get to 'D-18' that you see more

Oahu is a name not that many people will know unless they bought sheet music in the 1930s in the USA. They were a publisher, and as such the more

For a bird known as a symbol of peace, the guitar introduced by Gibson in the early sixties as a sister to the Hummingbird was in fact louder than more

If you’ve always wanted a guitar that is both a beautiful chest of drawers and a landmine, look no further. Renowned in Guitarland for more

There's no sense beating about the bush. It's extremely rare to find a company we all agree on at Wunjos, let alone a guitar, but the small-bodied more

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