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Flicking through the vintage guide, perusing the list of Martin Dreadnoughts made over history, it is not until you get to 'D-18' that you see more

Oahu is a name not that many people will know unless they bought sheet music in the 1930s in the USA. They were a publisher, and as such the more

If you’ve always wanted a guitar that is both a beautiful chest of drawers and a landmine, look no further. Renowned in Guitarland for more

There's no sense beating about the bush. It's extremely rare to find a company we all agree on at Wunjos, let alone a guitar, but the small-bodied more

SOLD!!   Player’s favourite Guild have been making the good stuff for discerning guitarists since their establishment in 1952, and more

Although Oahu isn't a name that springs immediately to mind when discussing guitars – the ukelele, perhaps – they were a very more

While Gibson, as we're all well aware, has produced some truly world-class electric guitars, the impact of their acoustics is also quite huge. The more

Crafted beyond measure in Toronto, this 2014 Yanuziello Mariposa is dragons-teeth rare. Reports from the internet suggest that if you're seeing more

SOLD!!   From one of the very biggest names in acoustics come this, the Martin 000-17 SM. A slot-pegheaded 000-12 fret-bodied picker for more

One of the most famous models in the acoustic world, this vintage Martin D-35 is already an ice-cold soldier and you haven't even played it. more

John Jorgenson is no fret slouch, so this Takamine JJ325SRC has been built to reflect this. Besides shredding wildly the Hellecasters, Jorgenson more

One of the greats, this vintage 1976 Martin D-18 is as classic as Rome and the Earth itself. First introduced in 1932, this instrument has found more

A handsome old sort, this Tanglewood TW-40 SDD is one top-looking old chap. Anyone who's into acoutics will tell you that Tanglewood can make some more

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