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If you are reading this, take a few moments from being a dedicated follower of fashion down Carnaby Street, and think back to a time when the Jim more

If you have arms like Mr Tickle, a back like Mr Strong and a wallet like Mr Abramovic, then you'd probably be considered a bit of a freak. I'm more

The debate rages on: Can carbon fibre really be a better material for making things that we love than wood? It's stronger, lighter, doesn't warp more

Australian Oak is a little hard to come by in Cumbria, as is Brazilian Mahogany, Ebony and Bubinga. But that never stopped Chris May and the gang more

Rickenbacker, one of guitar's most iconic brands, are one of the rare cases where their basses are just as, if not slightly more, legendary than more

For quite a while, the Shergold company were nothing more than a factory building guitars for other companies such as Burns and Hayman. It wasn't more

Here at Wunjos we love a big dollop of the past. Some of our staff still live there, swathed in the archaic remnants of times gone by. One of the more

Finishing on instruments is a deeply personal thing. Perhaps this is why we don't see acoustics in purple, or it could be that's just not cool. more

A full nine years after introducing their original electric bass guitar into the world, Fender clearly thought that jazz bassists were not more

If any bass were to have your back in a fight, it would surely be this 1978 Fender Jazz. The Fender Jazz bass - and it's big brother the Precision more

A bass that needs little introduction, this 1980 Rickenbacker 4001 Burgundy Glo is a heavy king. The 4001 is a bass for slicing through your band more

A lesser-spotted beast, this 2010 Sandberg California PM-4 is an elegant solution to your bass problem. Built in Germany, these beautifully-made more

What a handsome old sort this is eh? This vintage 1976 Fender Jazz has seen some things alright, but it's just getting started. We love a proper more

The '80s was quite a time for guitar building. Illustrated by this vintage 1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite Fretless, the period defined by more

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