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Finishing on instruments is a deeply personal thing. Perhaps this is why we don't see acoustics in purple, or it could be that's just not cool. more

The '80s was quite a time for guitar building. Illustrated by this vintage 1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite Fretless (de-fretted, not factory more

Hailing from its first year of production, this vintage 1972 Gibson EB4L is cleaner than a brand new bin, and boy, are we thrilled to have it! more

A right spanker from a proper company, this Spector Coda Bass IV is a used gem and triple bargain. That's because Spector don't mess, making more

Ready to pulp your organs like an especially dangerous teacup ride, this 2004 Music Man StingRay V is a B-slinging megaton blaster with power for more

It’s legend time! Yes ladies and gents, it’s a 100% original vintage 1983 Fender Precision Sunburst, in eerily good condition and more

Not all basses deliver such whopping bottom end as this vintage 1973 Gibson EBO. The plummiest of the plums, the roundest of the round, the more

Before Mr. Hinkley is away with it, check out this vintage 1984 Squier JV Jazz! For those of Fender Japan, and these early models are quite sought more

The time has come again for the heavy stuff ladies and gents - it’s a vintage 1965 Fender Jazz Bass! So much has been written about the Jazz more

Did someone order a vintage 1960 National Map? You did? Well here it is, one of the most fabulous-looking instruments ever to stalk the earth. more

One of the best things for storming a castle, this 2008 Gibson Thunderbird comes with the caveat that to get the best tone, you need to sling it more

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