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The debate rages on: Can carbon fibre really be a better material for making things that we love than wood? It's stronger, lighter, doesn't warp more

Rickenbacker, one of guitar's most iconic brands, are one of the rare cases where their basses are just as, if not slightly more, legendary than more

For quite a while, the Shergold company were nothing more than a factory building guitars for other companies such as Burns and Hayman. It wasn't more

Finishing on instruments is a deeply personal thing. Perhaps this is why we don't see acoustics in purple, or it could be that's just not cool. more

What a handsome old sort this is eh? This vintage 1976 Fender Jazz has seen some things alright, but it's just getting started. We love a proper more

The '80s was quite a time for guitar building. Illustrated by this vintage 1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite Fretless, the period defined by more

Hailing from its first year of production, this vintage 1972 Gibson EB4L is cleaner than a brand new bin, and boy, are we thrilled to have it! more

The electric favoured by Elvis Presley is also a bass! This used Hagstrom Viking is a left-handed semi-hollow with plenty of attitude and a few more

With a name like that it better be night-black! This used Fame Baphomet comes from a city appropriately called Danzig, and it's a left handed more

A right spanker from a proper company, this Spector Coda Bass IV is a used gem and triple bargain. That's because Spector don't mess, making more

Those players who love sliding about will be well chuffed with this one. The late 70's yielded some heavy-duty basses | with oodles of mojo and more

Now this is a right old bird. This vintage 1974 Fender Jazz Bass is a proper looker and no mistake. Though the Jazz needs no introduction, let's more

One of the coolest '80s basses, this vintage 1981 Aria SB-R60 is a bit of a creature. Like an especially cool Japanese P-bass, this thrasher is a more

The perfect instrument if you find the regular Stingray a bit of a handful, this 2001 Music Man Sterling is the slim and slinky cousin of that more

The most copied bass in history and the reason you're playing whatever you're playing, this vintage 1976 Fender Precision Bass is a woody warrior more

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