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Well now, this is quite a thing. The banjolele was introduced to the world in 1917 by one Alvin D. Keech, the very same gent who's name is on this more

So, a bit of intrigue for you. This is the story of a British manufacturer which began trading in 1888, one of the biggest of the time, and more

Ask any musician about the banjolele and those who know anything will no doubt immediately utter the name 'Formby'. That rat-a-tat-tat sound of more

While the banjo and ukulele have their own, distinct groups of admirers, there exists in the middle a group who love the percussive, stinging more

For those of you unsure what a 'banjolin' might be, it's a mandolin in banjos' body, or this. A great way of projecting your cross-picking, this more

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