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As electric guitars go, there's none quite so 'accessible' than a Club, if you'll pardon the pun. Specifically, the Hofner Club Model 60, a more

The Harmony Rocket. An understated classic if ever there was one. Guitars like Gibson Les Pauls have found mass appeal and iconic status by more

A pinnacle brand of 1960's guitar cool, the Teisco EP-8T is kind of like a 335 except in every way. Built at a time before the rules of electric more

Okay, so here it is; our vintage 1958 Gibson ES-335. A serious big daddy and then some, this isn't a guitar for taking down the Dog & Duck, more

John Jorgenson is no fret slouch, so this Takamine JJ325SRC has been built to reflect this. Besides shredding wildly the Hellecasters, Jorgenson more

Finishing on instruments is a deeply personal thing. Perhaps this is why we don't see acoustics in purple, or it could be that's just not cool. more

The old-tyme appeal of country and bluegrass is far from a spent force in this day and age, and the banjo continues to find admirers worldwide. We more

The '80s was quite a time for guitar building. Illustrated by this vintage 1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite Fretless (de-fretted, not factory more

Hailing from its first year of production, this vintage 1972 Gibson EB4L is cleaner than a brand new bin, and boy, are we thrilled to have it! more

If you're in a power trio and fancy granting yourself MORE power, try this - the Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord Octave. With such a long name you' more

A right spanker from a proper company, this Spector Coda Bass IV is a used gem and triple bargain. That's because Spector don't mess, making more

Cooler than an iceberg's vape, this '60s Zenta Mustang is one of those guitars that you might see once in a blue moon. Luckily for you with more

This, ladies and gents, is a 1983 Fender Standard Stratocaster from the Dan Smith era. You might not have heard of him, but in the guitar game, more

What’s this? Why, it’s a vintage 1973 Fender Precision bass finished in Candy Apple Red! Apart from being the most reliable bass you more

It’s only natural to be into this vintage 1972 Fender Jazz. After all, can you think of a situation where you couldn’t use a Jazz to more

Once you’ve played with John Lennon, Rod Stewart and Don Henley, you might get a signature like this used Lakland Bob Glaub. A session more

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