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Zvex are some of our top cats. Good people making good pedals, with an emphasis on going that little bit further than normal. Makers of the more

Zvex. Beloved of such players as Jack White, Billy Corgan, Kevin Shields, Nels Cline, John Frusciante, Matt Bellamy, Trent Reznor, Billy Gibbons, more

Builders of some of the pedal world's most individual units. Defiant in their pursuit of tone that wandered off the beaten path when it was only more

Is war your shepherd? Do you spend your seasons in the abyss? Have you ever suffered from whiplash? If so, this is the unit for you. Drunkenly more

Not a man renowned for his devotion to a thin sound (once running his pre-war Martin through six Fuzz Factories), J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr./Witch/ more

If you read about this pedal anywhere, you may feel that you are left slightly in the dark as to what exactly it is. The Instant Lo-Fi Junky is an more

Would a company like ZVEX produce a boring Tremolo Pedal, or would they take a humble modulation device to monumental levels of mental-ness? I more

Makers of some of the most individual effects on the market today, Zvex is the boutique company that everybody knows, whether its because of Jack more

It's got a suggestive name! It's got a big monkey! It's got a single knob but two outs! It must be the ZVEX Super Hard On. A hand built, true more

Zachary Vex has built some wild gear in his time. Not known for being sensible with anything other than his construction techniques, ZVex's gear more

Renowned builder of some of the most individual sounding pedals on earth, Zvex_have got a few tricks up their sleeves. From the worrying Ringtone more

The first name that leaps into your head when looking at this pedal, and its sister the fuzz factory, is 'Bellamy', shortly followed by 'Muse', ' more

An honest-to-goodness distortion pedal is what we all want, something that perfectly balances amazing quality, searing tone and an affordable more

You don't always need to think that fuzz + ZVEX = £££. The masters of fuzziness recognise that not all of us have our pockets more

Who doesn't want a bit more bass? Now tuned for the lowest of ends, the ZVEX Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory is a bum-breaking bass-centric version of the more

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