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Builders of some of the pedal world's most individual units. Defiant in their pursuit of tone that wandered off the beaten path when it was only more

Not a man renowned for his devotion to a thin sound (once running his pre-war Martin through six Fuzz Factories), J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr./Witch/ more

The first name that leaps into your head when looking at this pedal, and its sister the fuzz factory, is 'Bellamy', shortly followed by 'Muse', ' more

An honest-to-goodness distortion pedal is what we all want, something that perfectly balances amazing quality, searing tone and an affordable more

If you're wondering what the best route is to Nazareth, it starts with this used ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory. Hand painted with a view to encouraging more

This is a beautifully hand painted "One of One" ZVex Channel 2 booster. Very limited and very cool.Info:Zvex are some of our top cats. Good people more

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A BRAND NEW ITEMA beautifully designed Zvex Box Of Rock "one of one" in a limited edition hand painted finish. Info:ZVEX more

One of One Custom ZVex Fuzzolo with magic mushrooms... What else can I say?? Treat yourself I guess.Info:This silicon fuzz has a rich subby more

Haven't you always dreamt of owning a leather "One of One' Box Of Rock with Magic Mushrooms on it? Of course you have...Info:ZVEX became more

Fuzz effect pedal with silicon transistors for electric guitarWith the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory the effects company from Minneapolis presents a more

Designed for bass, a favorite for guitar, this incredibly sub-frequency-preserving unit will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard more

This pedal really speaks for itself, doesn't it? A beautifully hand painted Z Vex Fuzz Factory, from their collectable "one of one" more

A beautiful "one of one" hand painted Fuzz Factory from ZVex. Limited edition and hugely collectable.... Indulge more

A beautiful "one of one" hand painted Fuzz Factory from ZVex. Limited edition and hugely collectable.... Indulge yourself.  read more

Packed with knobs that let you control everything from tight, radically fuzzy sounds that gate off instantly when you stop playing, to more

The ZVEX Super Hard On is a bone-head simple boost pedal that'll seriously raise your tone! With an ultra-transparent sound, the Super Hard On more

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