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Zvex are some of our top cats. Good people making good pedals, with an emphasis on going that little bit further than normal. Makers of the more

Zvex. Beloved of such players as Jack White, Billy Corgan, Kevin Shields, Nels Cline, John Frusciante, Matt Bellamy, Trent Reznor, Billy Gibbons, more

An honest-to-goodness distortion pedal is what we all want, something that perfectly balances amazing quality, searing tone and an affordable more

You don't always need to think that fuzz + ZVEX = £££. The masters of fuzziness recognise that not all of us have our pockets more

Gating very complex sounds like fuzz and delay is always a challenge. The Loop Gate™ provides a loop switch with a built-in “perfect& more

If you love your single-front-end amp but want a smoking drive to blast through it, here you go; the ZVEX Vexter Box Of Rock. The original more

A genuinely hard piece of machinery, the ZVEX USA Vexter Box Of Metal is a right old sort. In its stripped-back enclosure, this rasping, gated more

Have you ever wanted to control your wah like a sequencer? If so, you're in luck with the ZVEX Vexter Super Seek Wah! An outrageous device in the more

A totally crushing bass fuzz, this ZVEX Hand Painted Woolly Mammoth is a true-bypass powerhouse ready to grind your amp into splinters. While more

Never a company to shy away from the extra mile, this ZVEX Handpainted Box Of Rock is a banging way to show your appreciation for the finer points more

One of the best boosters on the market today, this ZVEX Super Hard On is a 'two of two'. In keeping with Zachary Vex's tradition, this is a more

If you're wondering what the best route is to Nazareth, it starts with this used ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory. Hand painted with a view to encouraging more

A prime example of how to do a lot with very little, this used ZVEX Fuzzalo is a David among Goliaths. A genuinely fabulous unit, represented here more

A proper wee bruiser, this used ZVEX Fuzzalo Hand Painted is a fox amongst your chickens. A genuinely fabulous unit, the Fuzzalo showed everyone more

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