Buying a guitar by phone or email

So perhaps you tried a guitar out here at the shop whilst on a weekend trip to London but you couldn't make your mind up in the heat of the moment, or maybe you've just seen your dream guitar on this site and you want to just make the thing yours NOW. Whatever the reason, don't let that six-string-thing you've been after for weeks, months even years slip through your fingers. Make like a Lord and ring! 

Give us a call on (+44) 020 7379 0737, Monday to Friday 10am till 7pm and Sundays 11am till 5pm (London time), and we'll have the guitar winging its way to your door before you can say 'don't tell the wife!'. We'll even call you back to save you money on phone calls. You can make a payment for an instrument using a credit or debit card over the phone, either in part (eg a 20% deposit) or in full. The two year guarantee applies as normal, and your official shop receipt will be posted to you inside the packaging. 

Alternatively, you can make remote payments for our wares via bank transfer. Simply email us and request our international bank transfer details and we'll email back with all the necessaries. You'll have your new baby on its way to you in a jiffy... not a jiffy bag of course, a very sturdy cardboard box designed for guitar shipping.